ToriCons Want To Swap Murky Law-Making In Brussels For Murky Law Making Behind Closed Doors In UK

Give the public and parliament more say on new laws

The government’s just revealed their proposal for how they’ll change Britain’s laws when we leave the EU. It’s not good news. They want to bypass parliament and write new laws behind closed doors. [1] It would give the government the power to change rules which affect all of us, without proper votes.

So far, it’s just a proposal. [2] If we stay silent, it happens. But a huge petition signed by all of us could help change their minds – and make sure the laws which come in after Brexit get proper votes in parliament.

If you don’t want Brexit to mean we swap murky lawmaking in Brussels for murky backroom lawmaking in Westminster, please sign the petition now:

Petition text:

Make sure that Brexit makes the UK more democratic. Ensure that both the public and parliament get a say on new UK laws as we exit the EU.

Link Here

There are already 189,053 of the required 500,000 signatures


ITV REPORT  – 7 March 2017

Lords warn Theresa May against ‘Henry VIII’ clauses to make post-Brexit laws behind Parliament’s back

”The Prime Minister has been warned against the use of so-called Henry VIII clauses which would allow her to avoid full parliamentary scrutiny of the Brexit process.

At the Conservative Party Conference last autumn, Theresa May announced her government would introduce a Great Repeal Bill to end the supremacy of EU law in the UK, a crucial part of leaving the European Union.

Senior peers on the House of Lords Constitution Committee said Theresa May must not use the legislation to “pick and choose” which elements of European law she wanted to scrap or alter without Parliament’s full involvement.”

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