Who’s Pulling Trump’s Strings?

Syrian Chemical False Flag Use of Dummies Identified

Ex UK Ambassador to Syria – Assad wasn’t behind any chemical attack – possibly Fake News anyway http://tapnewswire.com/2017/04/ex-uk-ambassador-to-syria-assad-wasnt-behind-any-chemical-attack-possibly-fake-news-anyway/


Exposed Truth

NWO = Mystery Babylon; NATO = Arm of Vatican;

paula green (edited)
If Assad had Sarin gas weapons, why wouldn’t he use it on the ISIS fighters when they were trying to overthrow him? Just saying if he had gas weapons. But instead, use it on his own people? Got to be a false flag.

paula green (edited)
Obama sat in that White House for 8 years and there was never any gas attacks from Syria. Something smells rotten in Denmark folks. I believe the elites are trying to pull us into war with Russia through Syria and using Syria to bury the illegal surveillance by Obama.

ose  –  > Jess J
Yes we know it was false flag terrorism, but President Trump allowed way too many Goldman Sachs globalists into the WH & gave them political power. Now they have influence over him & they’ve studied him well; “Here Mr. Trump look at all of these dead babies, these crying mothers and fathers.” Oh yes they’re playing him like a deck of trick cards.

teresa elliott

Nihilistic Nut
Mark of the beast, maybe it’s an implant or maybe its something else. I believe the mark is Islam, do not submit to the beast.
This chem attack is another set up, anyone who’s slightly awake knows this. All the acts leading up to the attack, Bannon being kicked out etc, there is obviously something nasty going on behind the scenes.

Michael Carey
Henry Kissinger, $hillary Clinton’s mentor, has had a long close relationship with Trump. Trump has been Bill Clinton’s golf buddy for decades. This is all just a basket full of biscuits.

lavia M
The fact that Saudi Arabia supports the attack is HIGHLY suspect.

Samsara Peace
I agree also ! This will weaken Trumps relationship with Putin this has OBAMA/Clinton/SOROS all over this ! The Cockroaches are scurrying into corners!

Jonathan Moreno
you’re right the Eu is the beast but you’re wrong – Obama isn’t the Antichrist – the Antichrist must be a Catholic and he is – it’s Karl T zu Guttenberg from the top 13 illuminati bloodlines – Hapsberg – Obama can’t be the Antichrist he’s too dumb & uses a teleprompter & is married to a man.

Jan 25 2013

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and the Infinite Sadness

”I know that I shouldn’t feel sorry for Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, the former German minister of defense, whose scheduled lecture at Dartmouth College was cancelled Tuesday, after a petition protesting the event received over 100 signatures in three days of circulation, but I can’t help myself. Poor Karl-Theodor! It’s just normal human empathy: the Dartmouth cancellation is the latest in a string of scalding humiliations for this fallen fortunate son, who only two years ago was one of the most powerful politicians in Germany. ” https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/karl-theodore-zu-guttenberg-cant-get-a-break

bill hanna
it will be the end of Israel for ever – ww3, russia will wipe them off the face of this earth, they no whats going down, trump is AIPAC’s toy boy

Theodore Amell
I agree false flag, Canada just sent 840 million for relief, what an utter joke

Mike Williams
not illuminati….not freemasons…..but vatican and their military arm the jesuits…..everyone blames zionist/freemasons and obscure illuminati ….but no fingers ever point at rome.

Lower Middle Class Patriots
NO MORE FING WARS!!!! PERIOD!!!! WE THE PEOPLE are sick and tired of
the world hating US for sticking our noses in others business!! WE THE
PEOPLE are sick and tired of fighting other peoples wars!! If you want
to help the women and children over in the middle east, do it in a
support role only!!! NO MORE FING WARS!!!!

Sarin attack was false flag, I said it the second I heard it. And you’re right about 2013, that was the rebels trying to (unsuccessfully) blame Assad. Benghazi was the tip of the spear for illegal weapons sales to al-Qaeda in Syria, headed by Obama through Hillary Clinton. We need to get Pres. Trump’s attention through every means possible to not get taken in by the neocons.

I agree 100% that the Pope is the false prophet, he’s all but come out and said it. Not sold on Obama as the anti-christ, yet.

The sarin gas is a false flag. They have protective suits and masks but no gloves? I call bullcrap.

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