It Seems That TPTWTB & UK Government Have No Intention Of Controlling UK Borders – Hard BREXIT Soft BREXIT Or No BREXIT

European Council President Donald Tusk gestures to members of the media as he leaves 10 Downing street after talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May in central London

Boris Johnson reveals Britain could ALLOW EU free movement to continue
‘Open borders must remain after Brexit’, Irish foreign minister declares

Open Borders only if Passports are checked. Employment only if a work Permit is granted. No entitlement to NHS or Benefits until 4 years Full employment. EU Countries have been unable to create anywhere near enough Jobs for their low skilled workers who have been allowed to take work in UK, lowering our wages and standard of living.

Sure, N Ireland can open all its doors & borders, even Germans cannot sustain unlimited nonselective refugee intake. It costs tax payers some 65 billion Euros for Germany, let alone all the terror attacks, crime etc.

The open borders is a nice dream but in reality most people living in the EU do not want open borders thankyou very much Papa Doc Juncker. This will kill what is left of the EU if they are forced on the population – how long will we stand for the violent crimes as part and parcel of EU membership. Not even the Germans will put up with the horrible violence coming from criminals from neighbouring countries.

The EU wants us to keep open borders so all the EU criminals can come to Britain along with all those wanting to use the NHS.

I am getting sick to the back teeth of other Countries “demands” and “insisting”. Yes there can be an open border between Northern Ireland and Eire but unfortunately for Northern Ireland it will mean that the “hard border” will be as Shanghai Blues below says, the sea and airports. Ireland as a whole could easily become a new Calais.

Devils Advocate
The Eire/Northern Ireland border is not going to be allowed to be used as a highway for Europeans and others to illegally enter Britain. We are not against the Irish but we are against the EU and I believe there are many people in Ireland who are of the same opinion. Perhaps the best way is for Ireland to leave the EU and unite in a common fraternal relationship with the UK. After all, religion doesn’t separate us anymore and we are all part of the British Isles.

GW:  EUSSR is putting pressure on UK’s weak points to enable the continuation of the hated ”open doors policy”.

UK has a population of 80 Million whereas Spain has a population of 40 Million yet Spain has a much bigger land mass????  Why should the UK take all the off casts from every other EU nation, with much lower population densities than ours? Besides the UK also has certain obligations to numerous Commonwealth countries re extended family wanting UK residence.  We are FULL UP!  Some of the ones already here will have to leave to create a bit more room first before we can sustain any more EUSSR migration!

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