UK Column News 6 April 2017 – Google Controling Communcation Channels

George The Greek Trucker

Rubin Schmidt
James Lagan…. The U.S. and U.K. military sprayed the Wiltshire countryside in the late 1960’s to test Sarin, Soman, Tabun and VX. ???

A friend
Google isn’t interested in free speech.. it’s working for the governments. anything else is propaganda. Time to have independent search engines allowing total freedom of speech.

Rubin Schmidt
A friend…. They pulled my watch history of Russianvids who did give great coverage to the recent false flag Westminster “event”. Also the U.K.’s Alex Jones.. Richie Allen has blocked me from comment on his show. !!!

Rubin Schmidt
Guidance 2222. The Christchurch Hampstead case was very interesting, and for me, damming. Also, how easy would it be to highlight BBC Panorama: London Under Attack or the 5th Jan, 2003 Ricin attack, The Terror Plot that Never Was TOO EASY, TOO OBVIOUS, TOO IN YOUR FACE. Makes you wonder. ???

Howard Downes
Excellent & eye-opening news summary, especially the staged fake victim-actors in the car bombing. Yet to come across any in-depth examination and analysis of the recent Westminster “Terror Event”. Just going by mainstream news coverage, I noted several inconsistencies such as the alleged lone attacker crashing into the railings (the vehicle a write-off) on Westminster Bridge after mowing-down pedestrians but then was said to have crashed further down nearby the gates he gained access into, knifing dead the unarmed policeman. My thoughts are he and others ought surely have heard & been aware of the commotion yet there’d been no immediate action to close the gates? Could it be there was more than one participant involved, that he approached the gates calmly as opposed to running up after jumping out of his crashed vehicle (as was reported) much like an everyday passer-by or tourist PRIOR to what must’ve been a very noisy RTA with numerous casualties/injured/dead and by accounts an hysterical crowd running for safety? Was this how he was able to enter the gates and entrance to Parliament without any suspicion, knife the copper on the gates before being shot dead? I’m merely voicing my own personal observations and questions I’d like to see investigated. The fact that 2 separate car crashes were reported leads me to wonder if there could’ve been more than one attacker “terrorist” involved. Parliament was shut-down and an extensive area cordoned-off for several hours whilst clearly searching for others. When still Home Secretary Teresa May oversaw the introduction of the most far-reaching and intrusive “anti-terror” legislation in the western world, expanding state and police powers to an unprecedented extent and eroding what remains of hard-won civil liberties and rights to privacy, with further powers to be advanced briefly reported as being a “spies charter” with personal privacies to become non-existent, but otherwise buried under Brexit and incredibly under-reported if not non-reported in all media. I can only assume whatever took place recently will see calls for greater police powers and armed officers. But these are merely my own musings and I’m certain there has to be some other agenda I’m unaware of. Since becoming aware of both 9/11 and 7/7 never mind the countless other “terror attacks” I’m now deeply suspicious and sceptical about all these events. I’d love to see a well-researched independent investigation and exposé about this recent event.
Otherwise, congratulations on your work and all best wishes,
Howard Downes (PhD), retd

Rubin Schmidt
Goggle & Gluetoob inc. are becoming an absolute pain. Blocking, removing, interfering and altering. !!!

mick burke (edited)
It looks to me like the social workers are trying to save their jobs! ,And create false situations and dramas and accuse parents of doing things at home, things that are made-up by the social services, it’s all about justifying their jobs. i’m beginning to think the social services have no compassion for the people they are supposed to protect a bit like politicians. The social workers behave like they are fascists, they seem to be living in George Orwell’s 1984 world.

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