The driving law you might not know that will land you with a £100 fine and three points

s jomes
The worst tailgaters are the foreign vehicles who know the law does not apply to them. They will tailgate you mercilessly in 50mph average limits on motorways and in 20 mph zones. Our government and Police force are guilty of putting us in danger from these foreign vehicles because they only enforce the law on us who are seen as easy meat for yet another rip off

s jomes
I see it every day and there was even a bloke from the Highways Agency on TV saying that 98% of offenders driving foreign registered vehicles are not prosecuted. It is not waycist, it is true you pathetic moron.

Couldn’t the DE find a picture of a crowded British motorway?

If you leave a 2 second gap on most busy motorways, someone will jump into the gap.

Always blame the motorist whereas it is cheap and inadequate road building that is to blame in many instances.

Anybody who frequented the London North Circular, at times other than the dead of night, could have easily predicted that a 3 lane M25 would be wholly inadequate and yet how many lanes does it have for 90% of its length?

In this day and age the old chestnut used by plod and the courts that ignorance of the law is no excuse I would now contest that as it is a physical impossibility to know every law as can be seen from the 50,000 laws from the eeyou alone you would have to be awake 24 hours a day just keep up with the new laws that come into effect every day.

I regularly drive on a 4 mile long country road where Audi/BMW/4×4 drivers take a short cut to their bland, expensive blimp homes. And on the way, navigating blind bends, blind rises, single lane sections and adverse cambers, they tailgate you if you’re travelling at 50, because they want to travel at 55 or 60, or sometimes 80. Not one of them can hold a lane, they actually have to drive with their wheels over the line to cope with those speeds, even in ice you see them, 60MPH on the wrong side of the road. And every month one of them doesn’t make it home, without losing a leg or an arm, an eye or their life.
You see the blue flashers when it happens, and the police have to close the road while others turn out to pick the latest idiot out of the wreckage of his/her car. Personally I only have sympathy for those they run into or force off the road and there’s plenty off them.  Ah yes THOSE drivers.  Once again these cars seem to be preferred by the criminal element also.  Maybe steer clear of these brands.  eg

Audi – The Criminal’s Choice: Liverpool based gang who blew up ATMS caught by armed police because they stopped for McDonald’s breakfast during getaway

The gang used high-powered getaway cars including Audis (Photo: Liverpool Echo)

While we are talking, or writing about space between cars, I have found that if you leave enough space to stop, some clever twit will squeeze in. Then you back off and in comes another. The M6 near to Birmingham is a nightmare for this.  Not just M6 mate.  St Albans Road – > Watford is ”chokka” most days.  The North Circular heading East is quicker if you walk and M1 South & North suffers collisions most weeks! 

Yes if you drive, you will pay, soon you will be fined just for owning a car.  It seems the only two ways to generate money is hit the motorist, and fleece the pensioners.  You got it in one Norman!

GW: Many of these vehicles are registered abroad and so any speeding/parking/tailgating/etc tickets will be ignored. Meanwhile British based drivers will of course get it ”in the neck”. In addition British tax payers are funding free foreign vehicle access to UK roads.

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