UK Column News 4th April 2017 Whose Side Are You On?

George The Greek Trucker

A friend
England.. is under attack by its own monarchy and government. ELDERLY CARE in the HOSPITALS…. they are starving and dehydrating elderly people in care, who are vulnerable.. TO DEATH. .. 130,000 (+) NEGLIGENT DEATHS (deaths reported as unnecessary) .. they are killing them by starvation and dehydration.. the elderly.. on purpose…and then putting them on psychopathic drugs … watch this link.

A friend
Don’t Let your dad do END OF LIFE CARE in NHS Hospital England. They are starving and dehydrating 100’s of thousands.

Rubin Schmidt
The T-2 mycotoxins, VMAT2 genome editing virus and FunVax they are spraying are indiscriminate. Not to mention the aluminium, strontium, barium and lithium that are also in the chemtrails. When they said they intended to reduce the world population by 90%, they meant it. In the meantime it looks like they intend to make a little more money. Did you notice the announcement that there has been an outbreak of Swine Flu.?…. “Novel drug delivery beats Swine Flu at gene level – anti – viral RNAi to target cells against H1N1 influenza virus infection.” … ScienceDaily. 28th March 2017. There’s also the lab made variants, H7N9 and H5N8. !!!

Stephen Collingridge
a navy seal set up a crowd fund through a fund me site – he went on Alex Jones to talk about making the film of sex & child abuse with a well known film maker. they got to 50grand an were shut down

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