Cannabis The Companion Plant

Cannabis is humanity’s companion plant without compare. Huge part of the warfare we’re facing can be remedied and combated with this plants numerous resource potential, Food, fiber, medicine, ect… It has been with us, featured prominently, forever. Hamp in Hampstead is Hemp, New HAMPshire, the HAMPtons, BHANGladesh, on and on.

The fact Hemp has been removed from history and forbidden in the common realm introduced me to the agents darkness assuming power in all other areas of assault.

In regard to “spiritual warfare” just look at the popular use and conception of weed. A highly valued medicinal plant physically yet offers an effect on mind. Used wantonly and without respect. Applied with rank hedonism and self-indulgence. Weaponized. Like our history, our food, our air, our water, our medicine, our sense of self.

We’re in this mess largely from TV.  It’s how most of us know what we know, outside of our personal experience, which is in conflict with what you’re shown and told.

Khazars boastfully run our media. And should be named everywhere we speak of full spectrum dominance, asymmetrical warfare and detrimental propaganda. This “Jewish Question” offers us a great chance to grow spiritually which is why it is such a difficult question to answer or, now, even pose.

Remember the last man to ask and attempt to answer this for the sake of mankind did so differently than what is portrayed and taught to us, the REAL people.

Please, please, please, wake up to this. Be well out there.

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