UK Column News 3rd April 2017 New Anglo-Spanish War?

George The Greek Trucker

  • They cite the case of Elizabeth Watson yet another victim of fraudulent operatives trying to steal her house – ”they literally FORGED our signatures onto a separate sheet which was then attached to a FORGED “deed” obtained by deception and executed behind our back when we were abroad, without any consideration as required under the Bill of Exchange Act 1882”
  • Chief Constable Mike Veale’s UTube Video has gone from 1500 to 7332 views
  • Please continue to share Mike Robinson’s tweet ”Brexit is nothing of the kind”
  • Please also share the UK Column article EU Military Unification
  • UK looks to India as recipient of ”UK Funds” to stoke its manufacturing sector.  Why not promote UK Powerhouse instead?  Trying to disrupt BRICS?
  • HMRC raided offices of Credit Suisse – really building towards a Global Tax System?
  • EUSSR reaching out to ”all children” – same policy as UN? Does that include children of Yemen?
  • Theresa May off to Saudi Arabia to sell more arms that they use to kill people in Yemen???
  • Liz Truss anti grooming laws – UK Gov has never shown any desire to tackle child abuse within its own ranks – why is Melanie Shaw CSA survivor incarcerated in solitary?  Because she has information that should be given to the Child Abuse Enquiry but it is so damaging to ToriCons that they can’t let her talk!!!!.
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