HUGE: Obama SCREAMS LIKE A BABY After Being Refused Meeting With Trump at White House.


Published on Mar 31, 2017

av8r jacq
President Trump shouldn’t meet with Obama in private at all. The left and media will deliberately lie about it. I don’t trust Obama at all..

av8r jacq I do not trust trump I really cannot understand why everybody likes him but I respect their choice he is a 70 something guy who never was poor how can he understand people I do not know maybe I’m wrong but it’s an opinion

Dennis Roberts
deathcrowzero45—–he can’t understand poor people or middle class. and its more than likely he will be played by luciferians. he won because 36 million registered Christian voters, who haven’t voted on l4 yrs cause they didn’t like the candidates. they voted for Trump yo keep Hillary out cause Biden, Obama, Clintons are all bi-sexual. and had already told all churches they had to teach Church kids being gay was ok. and that the Bible was wrong about that. or they would go to kail, loose licence to operate, etc. they were attacking the churches using policy’s that would become law of Hillary won. also they had infiltrated dept of education and public schools in big city’s and teaching hetero’ sexual boys its normal for a man to suck another mans dick. .many hetero- sexual patents went ballistic over this and voted for trump to stop hillary. she is a lesbian also..

hardly anybody likes TRUMP. but they don’t hate him, but they do hate Hillary with a passion.. she is also a rabid murderer, a child sex slave trafficker. she’s a war monger for profit, .and to shove sexual perversion upon every nation she wars with. so the hetero-sexual parents voted against her cause she’s like Biden and Obama. who lets gays take over public schools. if Hillary had won – we would most likely be in a civil war right now, just trying to protect our kids from being turned gay by Federal laws Hillary would have passed. plus the 200,000 gays she would have given government jobs to – enforce those laws. .that’s why trump won..u folks need to wake up and realize that real evil exits and uses laws to kill us, imprison us, who don’t want that shit being taught to our kids. by law.. … u understand now. ..please wake up..’– in Jesus love..-‘- please, please..wake up…

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