Bourke St Melbourne: Taxi Time – ”smoke’n mirrors”

smoke’n mirrors
Published on Mar 30, 2017
** Missing some content due to copyright claims

Lee Dee
I’m imagining Jimmy in the drivers seat of the car… Dummy rolled up and ready in the passenger seat foot well ready for it’s big drag scene… Checking his phone… Where the fuck are the police? C’mon, I’m gonna miss my sunbathing scene! Where the fuck are these dudes, they said they be here at 1:37? 😀
It’s a tall tale, isn’t it!?!?
I’m not confused… It was a drill and they’ve tried to pass it off as a “massacre”. Aided by a lying, incompetent mainstream media.
Great work SnM & Robbo Max!

Irene Davo
Why did they remove Jimmys Trousers?

Lee Dee
They did it in the Westminster one too… Pants round ankles… Did they lose a bet or something?  He didn’t have a mark on him except for the shoulder thing which did not look serious enough for a bullet wound either. Farking weird!

Fred B.
Bottles of water everywhere! From Sandy Hook to Boston. From Nice to Orlando…..and this guy Lou says to the cops no less…”I don’t care what you say copper! Step out of the way because I’m buying you guys water RIGHT NOW!”……lol

SkuStyle (edited)
Please share & mirror, thanks! Westminster Staged Attack – PROOF OF HOAX (Darkl SV)

Onevid Wonder
On another ISIS hoax (Minto), I’ve just uploaded a video showing the stabbing victim actor using a nozzle at his elbow for the fake blood, enjoy.

mazz knight
hey Smoke after the hoax Westminster Bridge attack I predicted on your vid two days ago that the next hoax would be Italy coz the map of Italy looks like a knee high boot (coz of all the knee high boots strewn on the ground at the Melbourne hoax …. well guess what …. breaking news … “Italian police broke up an alleged jihadist cell in Venice who had celebrated last week’s terrorist attack in London and planned to blow up the city’s famous Rialto Bridge in the hope of killing hundreds of tourists. In a series of overnight raids, anti-terrorism police arrested three suspects, all of them Kosovars who were living in Italy” …. LOL !! I reckon Ole Dammegard would be proud of me …. LOL !!

Strange Fruit
one of the common re-occurring factors in these staged events (as well as the ‘single shoe’, vague numbers, CCTV footage disappearing, Immediate images from Photographers & ‘Everybody on the phones’ getting instructions) is that a solitary HERO always emerges ! [sigh] and people DONATE towards this shit thinking it really happened !!!!

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