Westminster Car Hoax 22/3 Part 19

Ole – have you found leads to the Swiss Octogon, the Pharisee Khazar Huns Templar jews running it all ? Non-indigenous invaders wiped out entire villages off the face of the Earth. Long occupying beautiful Switzerland. They’re a hub of power, thus “neutral” & the Swiss guard the Vatiscam.  See Sean Hross videos – he’s got it figured out! Shows all the Egyptian symbols all over Switzerland.

Oh don’t forget folks, about the statue of the Child Eater of Bern!  Yes, those fairy tales of a hooked nosed witch in the woods who cooks children in her oven.
Sources say CIA global HQ is in Switzerland, again run by these Khazars!

He also shows how their brachycephalic skull shape is NOT European isolated in Switzerland – it’s the Huns! There’s even a Swiss Hun school!  Another source, Dr. Edward Spencer shows Homo Capensis, the psychopathic big skull humanoids & he thinks these evil fake jew bloodline is of them or taught by them how to parasite & destroy civilizations. I mean jews DO NOT have a high IQ at all – all illusion – they’re dull criminals, evil, destroyers, parasites off all humanity – The Israeli jews are even worse.

Hey, even Einstein is a total plagiarist fraud – stole his work from White Europeans w real intelligence! Those ugly jews had to get rid of Nikola Tesla the real White Christian GENIUS!

Also, for a new timeline of history see Fomenko’s chronologia.org – We have been so lied to about everything! Fomenko’s team used celestial events to place characters & events in proper timeline, as the same character had different names in different areas. The celestial events written about in ancient writings placing them on the corrected timeline. Must see it!

Afraid under a LDN bus.

Janusz Dworak
BBC is 223

John McGowan (edited)
The woman under the bus is Ms Aysha Frade that’s right A.Frade.It’s in UK papers today that she was so badly injured she was identified by dental records.  Who is actually going to be ”thrown under the bus” by tptwtb?


Anonymous @ AAG 30 March 2017
There’s already enough information here to debunk the official story on the Westminster terrorist attack, in the following thread some more:

Brussels Sprouts One Year Anniversary Attack In London 3/22/17

Wizard of Oz Programming.

eg: ”Aysha Frade (isya ‘fraid….) looks to be nothing more than a Resussa-Annie in stretch pants.”

1) The ridiculous picture of Aysha Frade under a red bus.
2) A second picture of the attacker on a stretcher, with a photoshopped face.
3) A second (better) picture of the face of Khalid Masood.
4) The crash scene of the Hyundai car leaving no damage to the fence (why would the attacker crash?). And a victim in front below the car.
5) Doctors on the scene financed with millions from the London Freemasons.

Francisco Lopes with Red Shoes?

”Here’s Francisco Lopes in a rare instance not smiling (already the third in the Westminster story I see with red shoes!), showing the injuries covered by bandages on his legs (he was smashed full frontal according to his own statement).”

Anonymous @ AAG 31 March 2017
The identity of Ms Cristea is in doubt. Look at the photo of her with her alleged boyfriend where she’s doing the V sign. She has a very pronounced notch in her chin. Look at the photo of her with red hair and huge red lips and the chin is smooth. Look at the photo where she has her back to the swimming pool looking out on a night time city scape. That girl has a totally different build and arm thickness compared to the super-model-like girl coming out of the sea. Try to find online coverage of the two Romanians in Romanian websites and you will be out of luck. The dearth of stories is a giveaway. There are so many Andreea Cristeas and they all look like super models and are very similar. The main Romanian “Andreea Cristea” visible on Facebook is like a Bond Girl with a lavish lifestyle and she works for and is the owner of Medical PR. She has left clues to the attack – by way of a Tissot watch with the time the “Hero” (indicated by a tiny wristband and a badge saying Hero) did his stuff outside Westminster is timed at 2:52pm – 12 minutes after the attack went down. You cannot find the two Romanians in Facebook that appear in the Sun article. ~ TM

Anonymous @ AAG 31 March 2017
“Three boys from St Joseph’s school in Brittany, in London on a visit, were seriously injured when the British Muslim convert Khalid Masood ploughed into a crowd last Wednesday. A former pupil from the same school was murdered during the Bataclan attack in Paris.”


Unknown @ AAG 2 April 2017

Photographs from the event provided by two photographers with top connections.

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