Westminster Bridge Closed for Filming ( High speed car action)

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Nicki Minaj new song ‘ No Fraud’ filming on Westminster Bridge
Experts Claim Real Terror Preceded by Drills
Westminster Attack- Proof it was staged
London Bridge Film Busted! Filmed From And By Government Insiders!
Annie Logical

Published on Mar 28, 2017
This short video shows where the video footage & only footage known, of the car that was reported to have been involved in the Westminster ”terrorist” attack, actually originates – from the Upper half of the Millbank Tower which houses the Western Govt/Political agencies that are involved and another company that was opened by the PM which has openly advertised that it is part of the film Industry and can create footage that is not possible anywhere else. So far, I have shown that ALL the photographs are from Govt/Royal/Politcal Insiders and that the ONLY footage we have been shown is from an area of a building that houses the world’s elite agencies AND also a Govt opened company that boasts of having the ability to create films that no-one else can – with ties to News agencies.  If I die of a suspected heart attack soon, you will know why 😉  Thanks for your insights Annie.

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