Well Look What ”Geena” & ”Cammo” Are Saying Now

Gina Miller

Gina Miller claims she ‘NEVER wanted to stop Brexit’ as Article 50 ship sets sail

You didn’t really want to stop Brexit dearie? Well you certainly fooled me love.  Who paid you to campaign against it?


‘I didn’t like the EU flag’ Cameron hints he was Eurosceptic DURING referendum campaign

You didn’t like that EUSSR Flag after all Dave? My very word, you certainly kept THAT quiet.


Are you happy about Article 50?  98% of poll takers responded YES.

After the 29/03/2019, we should reintroduce the Law Bliar abolished, against Treason & Treachery, & with retrospective power – then we can go back and jail all these pieces of lying, cheating scum.

We must have a Public Inquiry into the Project Fear great deception, and Osborne, Camoron & Carney will be right at the front of the queue.

Charlie Peace
Pizz off, Mr Irrelevant; you are a coward and a liar and lazy to have quit the job. You have nothing to say that we wish to hear. Mind you, you did give us a referendum about which i am grateful you didn’t know what you were doing: typical public schoolboy bumbling idiot. Ha ha ha, you left the EU door open, Dave, and now the horses have bolted. What a silly (*)unt you are.

He always was more confused and duplicitous than the average liberal. As for the Ukraine, I’m on Russia’s side because I don’t want a united Europe and more lebensraum in the East, just like all our people who fought in World War II didn’t. Will the real Nazis stand up please is something that I keep finding myself saying more and more these days Dave.

To me, Cameron will always be regarded as totally unsuited to politics. He came as close as any other individual Briton in modern times, to ruining Britain’s standing in the world.

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