UK Column News 28th March 2017 with Vanessa Beeley and NICOLA

George The Greek Trucker

  • It seems that Tobias Ellwood & Ben Wallace have been elevated to a very high exclusive ”club” i.e. the Privy Council.  Hmmm.  Why have they been singled out for this?  Mr Ellwood is an ”internationalist” & Mr Wallace has a military background and an  ”interesting” backstory.
  • Melanie Shaw is STILL in solitary because she has ”dirt” on members of the establishment.

gord oland
off topic post: more bank fraud

the same “usual suspects” banks you see in other frauds!

anthony williams
No doubt both Benny and Toby are already “on the square” and now they can meet in one of the three lodges that are based in the Houses of Parliament not merely as guests, but as hosts in Lodge, to entertain, and serve the international masonic brethren who are involved in the Zionist fraternity.

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