UK Column News 27th March 2017 – Who Are These People?

George The Greek Trucker

    • WhatsApp encryption has proved to be unhackable and so the UK Gov wants a ”backdoor” to it and is using the recent ”terror event” in LDN as the raison d’être for this.  
    • Yellow Bollards have suddenly appeared at the entrance to Westminster.  
    • Laptops on planes rules are quite ”random” as Mr Gerrish points out.  Now you CAN but heh now you CAN’T???????
    • We need more disrupters to get the Gov ”Change Agenda” through – Baroness Pitkeathley – ‘Charities are the eyes & ears of society???’

every one of these “events” is designed to further the agenda. however, the training of the steeple began long ago so lining up and going through a turnstile will not phase most of the sheeple. Just look in banks, football grounds, supermarkets etc. A lot of these institutions have now removed the barriers and use a painted floor or carpet with arrows. Watch them in a bank, even when you go into a a bank and there’s no one else at the tellers, most of them will follow the carpet around instead of just walking right up to the teller itself. All of thse events are controlled and executed by the same puppets who then go on tv and scream that we are being attacked, and yes we are! By our own government and their controllers/handlers.

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