‘Marine Le Pen could WIN French election’, Goldman Sachs tells investors


A LEADING Goldman Sachs strategist has told investors to be wary of polls ahead of the French election amid suggestions that Front National leader Marine Le Pen could become the country’s next president.

78% of those polled think Le Pen will win.


Big Ming
Blankfein trying to frighten the French into submission.Another one who should be in prison following the great crash. He could share a cell with Fred Goodwin.

The globalist elite must be quaking in their boots and especially the banks. How will Goldman Sachs and others get their interest payments from Greece, Spain etc if France along with the UK are no longer there to bail them out. Reports that the UK has paid the EU 500 billion tells its own story, and the scum want another 50 billion when we leave. If there is any justice in this world Le Pen will win by a landslide.

My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

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