Crippling business rates force closure of award-winning butcher’s shop in Clapham after 127 years

”Bob, 63, said: “We have had five superstores open in the area. People will go there so you lose customers, then the rates go up and suddenly you realise this is a waste of time.

“Wandsworth Council even took £1,000 small business relief away.” The shop was opened by his grandfather Henry in 1889. Bob took over from his father Arthur in 1983 after starting work there age 13.

The butcher added: “The rating system for small business is completely wrong.

“We don’t earn enough to pay the same as Whistles, Jigsaw, Space NK and All Bar One down the road. And Amazon have had theirs cut.” The Federation of Small Businesses has warned that firms employing fewer than 10 people will have to pay on average £17,000 in annual business rates from next month and many will fold.”

Total stupidity… and from a Conservative Government, I never thought I would see the day when the Tories actively started killing small businesses

Stealth globalism sneaking in to kill the middle class and don’t tell me the PM isn’t part of it.... they want to feed you all the glyphosate plastic food that causes all the cancers,,, the information is all openly available for you to read if you WAKE UP.

The PM is very much part of it, just as she quietly enables mass 3rd world immigration, legal & illegal.  Destroy the Tories before they destroy us!

This is what happened to seven eighths of small businesses when business rates were first introduced . The business rates do not reflect the income of the business being taxed for using their premises. I recall when first introduced, a small second hand bookshop i used to frequent was asked to pay nearly a thousand pounds a year more than his business turned over. Obviously he had to close. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses were wiped out , all over the country at a stroke. With double yellow lines following hard on the heels of this tax. Our High Streets were Closed. EU orders perhaps? Or Utter stupidity of our Governments responsible . It would appear its starting Again . Or is it down to the Elite who own theshopping Malls where every town has the same sales outlets. All the same. No choice. No shops anymore.

Trevor Ammanford
This is disgraceful but is happening all over the country. In 127 years, how much tax, corporation tax and rates have this business paid the government, just to get a tough luck and 4Q response from them. Thinking about it, the government is just like the mafia, they want protection money from you but the minute you want something done, you are on your own.

GW:  Yep NeoGlobalists – The lot of them!

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