‘What is the point?’ Tim Farron STUNNED as Sky News anchor savages ‘useless’ EU march

The Sky News anchor, Niall Paterson, repeatedly asked Tim Farron if today’s anti-Brexit London march had any actual purpose.

The Liberal Democrat leader, who is leading the pro-European charge in British politics, struggled to specify the aims of today’s protest march, organised by Unite for Europe.

Niall Paterson repeatedly asked Tim Farron if today’s anti-Brexit London march had a purpose


The only message this march sends to the EU is that out of 17 million who voted remain only just over 10,000 could be bothered to turn up and those that did didn’t know what they were marching for!

Julia kisses
Us 17-million plus majority who voted leave, sat in our gardens in the sun today.

Not surprised that Farron was stunned, he obviously wasn’t expecting to be given a hard time by leftwing propaganda machine Sky News, partner in a duplicitous duo with the BBC. I wonder if Paterson will be sacked for not toeing the line, like Mark Longhurst was, after clashing with arch leftie Owen Jones? Wait and watch.

If there is an opportunity for a person to make a total prat on oneself in public, Dim Tim Fart-On will be centre and front, ranting and raving his usual claptrap. Roll on the next election and the fruits of this arse’s labours will be fully acknowledged by the voters when he completes the work of Crackpot Clegg and gets the Lib Dims wiped out. Keep up the good work, Fart-On!

You really couldn’t make this up, the streets of Rome are thronged with protesters wanting to get out of the EU and Farron is tilting at windmills and wanting to stay in.

Shows the mentality, doesn’t it?

How many of these people didn’t vote in the referendum because they couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed on the day? How many of them didn’t vote because they were so smug they thought there was no way on earth that the people of the UK would vote out of the EU? …all of you had your chance to vote but there were millions who still didn’t use their vote either through laziness or complacency, its too late now so live with it.


A good chilled bottle of sparkling English wine ready for the 29th!

Enjoy ; )

B o t toms up x
░░░░░  *;;;;;;;;;*
░░░░░  *;;;;;;;;;;*
░░░░   * ;;;;;;;;;;;;*
░░░░  *;;;;;;;;;;;;;;*
▓███░░░ I░░░░▌██▌
▓███░░░░░░░  ▌██▌

GW:  Lovely!

They simply cannot afford to miss out the payment by Soros who wants colour revolution throughout Europe and UK, like he provoked in Ukuraine.

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