Deconstructing The 22 March 2017 ”London Car Rampage” Narrative – Part ii

We see the alleged London Attacker, after he was shot on 22 March 2017,
has a fairly straight nose.

Kent-born Khalid Masood, 52 –

was identified as the knifeman responsible for carrying out the Westminster terror attack on Wednesday March 21 before he was shot dead during his murder rampage.

The pic in The Sun is different again!  How many Khalid Masood dopplegangers are we talkin’ Mi Mi?

We see the alleged London Attacker Adrian Elms (whose name was changed one assumes to Khalid Masood by his ”handlers”) before he was shot has a concave, snub nose???????

Adrian Elms’s former best friend Mark Ashdown (above right) says: “We grew up together, partying all night – drink, drugs, sex, the lot.”

Comment @ AAG Anonymous 22 March 2017

Thanx, looks obvious…another f****ing obvious FF.

What IS suspicious for me as well,
that Polish ex minister Sikorski ( With obvious Elite connections, and Jewish wife )was JUST passing on the bridge in taxi, and filmed this :
pls see the Twitter msg.

And then media vultures asking for permission to publish…

Wojtek (Polish bloke )

WTF, and where is humanity ? If i see well, there’s a woman taking pics of one of the victims lying on the street.

“Peace the f***out…” (Travis ).

Comment @ AAG sovereigntea 24 March 2017
The video footage ??????

Who shot “the footage”.

Remarkable is it not that persons unknown just happened to be filming at just the right moment ?

Remarkable is the highly elevated position of the camera … not a building which leaves a helicopter or a plane.

Remarkable indeed is the stability of the image.
So remarkable it implies that the image must have been post processed. Manipulating the footage would of course render it inadmissible as evidence in court.

So what are we being fed.

See 3D imagery of the scene … where was the camera located ???,-0.1148569,452a,35y,284.23h,55.41t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xd697942be6dd609e!8m2!3d51.5008638!4d-0.1219645

Comment @ AAG Anonymous 22 March 2017
‘Acting Met Commissioner witnessed the incident’

Comment @ AAG Anonymous 23 March 2017
22nd of March — 322 It is a coincidence the attacks in Belgium happened on March 22nd or 3/22 in which the number 322 is inscribed below the Skull and Bones secret societies’ emblem?

Comment @ AAG sovereignty 23 March 2017
Hot off the presses !

Thursday 23 March 2017 12:01am

Andrew Tyrie ToriCon MP

Treasury Committee chair Andrew Tyrie calls for one-stop watchdog to fight cyber crime, warning current system is too “opaque”

“It is essential that the intelligence community, regulators and wider government are coordinated in making sure that financial cyber crime has a high priority,” Tyrie said (Source: Getty)

The chair of the Treasury Select Committee is today calling on the government to set up a one-stop watchdog to tackle financial cyber crime.

Andrew Tyrie has written to chancellor Philip Hammond, warning the current lines of accountability for cyber security for the sector are too “opaque”.

Comment @ AAG Master Singleton 23 March 2017
Look how similar the 22/3/2017 London Westminster Bridge Car Attack and the 20/1/2017 Melbourne Bourke Street Car Attack is where both occurred near popular tourist attractions i.e.: Westminster Bridge where the famous Big Ben is and Bourke Street where the famous Bourke Street Mall is; both instigated by a car albeit one is with a SUV and another with a sedan; both cars are registered within country of origin albeit one is in England and another is in Australia; both with Police located within the vicinity doing nothing to stop the suspicious, abnormal driving; in both the instigator got shot albeit one got killed and another injured; both occurred in the afternoon peak local time albiet one is at 2:30pm GMT and another at 1:30pm AEDT; in both there are innocent victims either died or injured albeit one is 5 dead and 40 injured and another is 6 dead and 36 injured; both are vehicular attacks; both have stabbings albeit one is a police officer another is the instigator’s brother but at the instigator’s home; in both there are arrests made albeit one is the partner’s in crime and the other is the instigator.,_Melbourne

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