Deconstructing The 22 March 2017 ”London Car Rampage” Narrative – Part i

Comment @ AAG DaVinciFM 22 March 2017
…FF stinks to high heaven, more of the same by the same cabal who have a political agenda to perhaps scuttle Brexit? Such FF carried out by NATO and Gladio units reminiscent of Brussels and Cologne and Paris and other obvious terror tactics to sway public opinion, and the public needs to be informed and not let these criminals get away with their destructive agenda to fulfil their political objectives, and to disrupt, terrorise and control the masses….

Comment @ AAG Phil Rita 22 March 2017
MSN photos above- couple of the pics of cops/ambo with victims – why are they smiling and so relaxed???
“Mark Rowley has also said that investigating terrorist plots is often made difficult by the fact that social media companies often refuse to cooperate and hand over evidence.” And there is one of your objectives right there. Peace.

Anon Comment @ AAG:
Regarding London Ambulance. They tweeted all throughout the day. Twitters time function tells us when the tweet was posted on a 25 hour basis. So it said ‘1 day ago’ rather than the time. However, if you hover the cursor over the posted time insert, it will give you a small box with exact time and date the tweet was posted. The Tweet from London Amb* was posted at 9.31 a.m on the 22nd of March 2017. The ‘attack’ occurred at 14.40 p.m

It could be an issue with Twitter. Or it could be similar to previous slip-ups on social media during alleged attacks / security breaches where announcements have gone public too soon.

Comment @ AAG Mark Gobell 22 March 2017
22 March 2017
The 1st anniversary of the Brussels event on 22 March 2016
The State Opening of Parliament on 27 May 2015
and the 666 th day of this Tory Parliament.

Same old same old …

Anon Comment @ AAG 22 March 2017
Six days ago the media ran a story on the secret code word officials would use to inform each other of the Queens death. The code word was ‘London bridge is down’. Was this a bogus story to implant the psyop of an imminent attack involving a London bridge OR even to inform those in the know a false flag event was about to go live?

Reply cj 23 March 2017
I noticed this article too (before the 3/22 event) and wondered at the time what the significance would be, definitely seemed like a predictive programming angle. I also,wonder if there will be multiple events during the queen’s actual, passing.

Anon Comment @ AAG 23 March 2017
when we voted to leave the Rothschild EU Nutenyahu vowed retaliation
and here it is

Anon Comment @ AAG 23 March 2017
what’s with those shoes placed ridiculously there and in perfect order?

Comment @ AAG Judder Man 23 March 2017
Are you A Frayde yet?

Anon Comment @ AAG 23 March 2017
So the car drives across a bridge, knocks down a few people then crashes into the wall, the terrorist jumps out of the car runs into parliament with a knife, stabs and kills a policeman, the terrorist is then either shot or shot dead at which point is the terrorists right sock removed and why?

Anon Comment @ AAG 23 March 2017
Coded message hints at Parliament horror – a DAY before rampage

  • A user on the forum 4chan shared an image of two guns with a coded reference to the Houses of Parliament.
  • The user also posted a string of Morse code dots and dashes which translate to a post on text-sharing website Pastebin.
  • The Pastebin page contains a binary code which – after being translated – points to a GPS location near Big Ben.
  • Though the post – made on the ‘Politically Incorrect’ sub-forum – has been archived, it is still visible on the site.
  • It went live on the afternoon of March 21, almost exactly 24 hours before the sickening terror attack.
  • One user managed to crack the code and replied: “Big Ben?”

Comment @ AAG James Mulvenna 23 March 2017
The N Ireland troubles was run by MI5 for its last 20 odd years Were they controlled both sides. They learned from Belfast etc how to control and manipulate by terror, fear and intimidation. Removal of Basic Rights and Mass Surveillance. They have simply replaced the Catholic IRA man with the Muslim Jihadist. “Control” = Power.

Anon Comment @ AAG 23 March 2017
A 19-year-old dual American Israeli living in Ashkelon has been arrested, suspected of being behind most of a series of bomb and other threats to Jewish communities in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand that date back around six months, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

As of Thursday, with a gag order on the probe being lifted by the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court at the same time it extended his detention to March 30, sources indicate that most of the threats against the Diaspora communities and organizations led investigators back to Israel.

Gosh, what timing to release this news during the outbreak of Allahu Akbar™ FF specials in London and Belgium. Why, it’s uncanny!

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