The Case In Full – “Why You Must Support My Case To The High Court”

Brendan O’Connell

Published on Feb 19, 2017
In a 15 minute video I get into the gritty details about why my case must get to the High Court.

A High Court appeal barrister is interested and we are in the beginning stages of organizing the details.

There is no other case more important than mine. They are attempting to introduce this legislation all over the world. Let Australia be the first to knock it down.

Please donate. I must survive the next few weeks before heading back to Australia. It costs me $200 per week to live here.

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Contact me for bank account details.

I publish my entire PayPal and bank account statements online.



getredytagetredy (edited)
Brendan, you should have read the “Judge” the Talmud passages of hate in court...Appalling…Appalling ,Appalling…They would of had to Dismiss your “Maritime Admiralty Kangaroo case immediately.,…Where can I send a donation?

Brendon O’Connell
I did all that. They would not allow me to present evidence. They grossly edited the transcript.

They ended the trial on holocaust remembrance day, January 27. As I was getting up on the stand to quote a Russian intelligentsia petition to order the Duma officially label The Shulkan Aruk “racist hate literature”.

They had an Orthodox Rabbi advising the prosecutor – in real-time.

It’s all in my synopsis – in great detail –

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