Tony Blair was warned about results of opening borders

”The think tank MigrationWatch released its own report in August 2003 – nine months before these countries formally joined the EU – warning that immigration from former Soviet bloc countries could be four times higher than the Home Office report’s estimate.

How much of a bribe was it again Tone? That much? Really?

The Daily Express, in a leader article, agreed and warned that “the Government’s assurances on immigration inspire little confidence”.”

A True Brit
“Blair’s interview was a typical display of his tenuous relationship with the truth.” That’s an over-polite way of telling us that he is a pathological liar. Sorry, already known.

The sentiment of “draining the swamp” is highly appealing after years of post-blairian dystopia UK. This man needs swift justice to stop others doing the same in the future. Abhorrent globalist traitor.

Yes, his party and his bravado came before the Country.
1. mass immigration
2. Iraq

Of course he knew, it was all a part of a deliberate Nu Labour social engineering pogrom designed to make the native folk a minority in their own land. Even Mendelson has since admitted as much. – Jail the lying crook for treason and war crimes!

bLair, bLair, pants on fire. So many deaths rest at you door step, including those murded today.

In light of the attack at Westminster this afternoon, perhaps Blair would like to take the place of the policeman who died because of his policies on immigration? (Without bodyguards or stab vests!)

I expect Blair is one person that we would gladly have traded places with Martin McGuinness….he is a total liar in everything he says. He even quoted that there was a stay of execution of four years holding back on East Europeans arriving on these shores, to coincide with his other lie that immigration only gathered steam after 2008. There was a stay of execution on these people until 2011 and not 2008. You lying POS.

Blair is a liar. They sent out “search parties” as Mandelson said to bring more than 2 million illiterate Pakistani and Bangladeshi migrants to Britain, most of whom are still claiming welfare. A report from the Institute forPublic Policy Research (IPPR) in 2005 found that both revenues from and expenditure on migrants grew between 1999-2000 and 2003-2004. Expenditure attributed to immigrants grew by more, resulting in a negative impact of -£0.4 billion in 2003-4. So he’s a fool and a liar because immigration has COST the UK a fortune and has NEVER helped the economy at all.

Teach this treacherous toad a lesson.

Sign petition 186047
Cut all public funding to Tony Blair – This to include protection & expenses
Tony Blair is costing the taxpayer millions of pounds a year in police protection

as well as blurring the line between his work and his business interests. Tony is too vocal trying to split this country asking for EU remainers to rise up against democracy, he needs to be stopped.



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