Libya and the West: Deja Vu All Over Again

Posted 2 May 2011 @ The Broken Elbow – An ”In Depth” Blog by Ed Moloney based in New York

David Cameron with ‘Neocon Rex’ Tony Blair

”When he ducked a question in the House of Commons over whether he would wait for a UN resolution on Libya before committing Britain to a no-fly zone it raised the intriguing possibility that Cameron might be ready to go down the same path traveled by Tony Blair in 2003 when he and Bush cut a secret deal to go to war in Iraq without the UN’s approval.

And Cameron’s ministers let it slip that, notwithstanding that the terms of the UN resolution did not authorize regime change, getting rid of Gaddafi and even killing him was very high on the British agenda.

His Defence Secretary, Liam Fox let it slip that the Libyan dictator could be targeted by Cruise missiles while his Chancellor, (like Timothy Geithner but with much more clout) George Osborne refused to rule out British troops being deployed on Libyan soil to overthrow him, telling a British television show only that it was not planned “at this stage”.

Dave and Barry share a joke – but does Obama really know about his friend’s friends?

Colin McGinn
It is fun seeing the games being played (now) around Adams; but it would be really fun seeing some of those Neo-cons getting theirs. Tony Blair, what a nasty little sh**.

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