Fury as council boss leaves with £390k pay-off a week after four months off sick return

Yesterday Mr Williams was on leave from his job on Bournemouth Council although he only came back last week after four months off sick.

The issue has to go to a special council meeting next week where councillors will be asked to make the role of chief executive redundant.

Staff are being told today of his departure. The matter did not go to the cabinet which runs the council.

One town hall source said: “This is a massive sum and people are going bananas. This looks very damaging.

There is a lot of anger about this – Bournemouth Town Hall source:
“How can you justify this in a time of austerity when you are closing down public toilets?

“It also looks as this has been done in a huge hurry. Only a tiny handful of people know he has gone. This whole thing is going to make us look very bad.”


Being a Common Purpose drone pays handsomely.

Girton Daisy
Even today a salary of £40,000 per year is a great deal of money, I wasn’t very good at maths when I was at school, but I do know that if you divide £390K by the decent wage mentioned above, what he’s been handed is 9.75 years of wages for doing sweet FA. It simply cannot be justified.

Nothing new here most councils are badly run because they are not spending their own money so they have no concept as they would in a privately funded company. Also why should any council be politically run

GW:  Not hard to make ToriCons look bad my friend!

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