Britons DO NOT trust banks after ‘too many scandals’ says Bank of England chief

Carney believes the “crisis of legitimacy” means just 20 per cent of the British public think banks are well run, compared with 90 per cent in the late Nineties.

Banks have been keen to change their image since the financial crash and convince the public to trust them while adapting to an ever increasingly digital economy.

Carney insisted his former deputy should not have lost her job.

Hogg quit her post after less than a month in the role amid pressure over the potential conflict of interest, which only came to light four years after the policymaker started working at Britain’s central bank.

It is time for Carney, this former Goldman Sachs employee, to be removed. His predictions have been wrong, he has poorly led and poorly motivated his staff and his legacy from ”Project Fear” makes him more toxic than plutonium.  He must not be left in post doing this vital job as he has lost all credibility.

My Cameron is a dead ringer for CA.

Yogi Capone
In particular they do not trust Globalist banking like Goldman Sachs and Rothschild whom many believe are attempting to create the ‘silent political’ coup over 500m people of Europe and have orchestrated ”Project Fear” which embarrassingly Mr Carney appeared to get dragged into during Cameron’s ‘Comical Ali’ performance.

Carney should be dismissed from the Bank of England, with 0% rates, pound printing incessantly (which he’s probably desperate to re-start), & the destruction of HM Treasury with trillions of debt to fund it all, he’s the servant of the out of control banks & stock markets, not the peoples of the United Kingdom.

He should have gone with Osborne (who himself is now curiously being paid tons of money just after leaving office, by the same institutions & parties).

Ah yes David Cameron – that Bullingdon Bureaucrat was the biggest ”Eton Mess” of the lot.  Apparently Downing Street ”photoslopped” a poppy onto an old photo of him.  Within 24 hours this happened.

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