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alisabrittany First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Matrix Ministries
I don’t believe it for a second. It’s like the Striggoi vampire master of The Strain in that the man seems to have stayed alive by wearing other people and can never be completely vanquished because a crimson worm will always slither off and find a new vessel.

007Stalled 7
From his birth date if 12/6/1915 to his death date of 20/3/2017 is exactly 37173 days counting both dates.
How perfectly symmetrical was Mr Rockefeller’s life!
37×73 = 2701 the Hebrew gematria for the first verse in the Bible.
2701+1072 = 3773.
These are the ONLY numbers in the world where the product displays the two mirrored numbers!
The number 37 stands for the Word of God! If you don’t know about it go and research it now.
Every title given to Jesus in the New Testament written in Greek have Greek gematria that is divisible by both 37 and 8.

now we need a good plane crash with the Soros male family on it and Clinton to die of whatever filthy thing she’s contracted and Bill Clinton to die of AIDS and Obama who is quite a man’s man to go down in the ocean on when one of his many trips to his gay Buddies cuz thing is plane crashes and car crashes really are the best way cause diseases take a long time and you see that Hillary’s like all the old horror movies…you think she’s dead but she keeps getting up. hear something that is quite embarrassing for the once Senator Obama:

Camille Graham
If movies are a way of them lifting the veil, disclosing their plans and revealing what they really do, then this demon has shifted into some new flesh, and there’s a young black man out here stuck in the “sunken place” today…

quit it with the lies
the Rockefeller family was originally from the small town that our 13th president was born in. they were also known horse thieves. there was a book but they got destroyed. mentioned the head family

Jason Rhodes
using 13 month calendar makes far more sense in trying to decode a lot of this

Beyond Embers
David Rockefeller? He Has finally DIED march 20th YEAH ROT IN HELL DAVID, The last heart #DynCorp harvested must of failed.

Yay…hopefully,GHW Bush,the pope and queen take fatal heart attacks real soon!Note to alphabet spy agencies,this is not a threat,you assholes)  OOHer.

GW:  8 Heart Transplants?  Who had to die to keep this old &&&&&& alive????

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