Brussels plunged into CHAOS after May’s Article 50 timetable scuppers Eurocrats’ plans

After reading this article it would appear that it is the EU itself that is prepared and intends to use the EU nationals living in the UK and vice versa as bargaining chips to get what it wants. Theresa May must point out to any worried EU nationals living here that it is their own Countries that are refusing to discuss and being intransigent about the issue. As for this stance on our “divorce” settlement I think the EU are obviously prepared to play dirty and try to blackmail and threaten to get what they want. We should tell them that we agree with their own initial stance and that all these things have to be discussed and decided in conjunction and that includes any money or dues owed by either side.

Merkel reminded about war reparation debt that was cancelled.

Minister told to remind Germany of cancelled WW2 debt amid EU demand for £50bn Brexit fee

Girton Daisy
The reason that Britain was in hock to America (Lease Lend) for decades after the war was because we helped Europe get back on its feet and the only country grateful to us for that is Holland, the rest are still under the German jackboot and don’t recognise it.

UcheNaija Alaba
Britain is going down. The seal.
Brexit britain ship will soon sink !
Brexit means the end of United Kingdom. ”
Britain will loose everything after article 50 is triggered. Brexit will begin to bite the people of London But the most painfull part of it. Is that British will soon become third class country who is not relevant in the eyes of the European Union.

You best either leave or stay away then. Depending on where you are typing your rubbish from.

Would you mind if I second that sir??

With people like you here, we are already well on the way to being a third World country. Do us all a favour. If its that bad here, clear off back to where you came from. I guarantee,you won’t be missed!!!

Looking at your name you obviously have first hand experience of ‘third world’ and must know the UK will never sink to such savage depths – we are evolved enough to see it for what it is – barbaric, backward and no place in the 21st century. Europe on the other hand is besieged by cretins from such third world places and will need steely resolve to avert disaster at the hands of such savages. Good luck to them.

Did you or your relations fight for this country?

When you and yours gave everything to save this nation, you treasure it all the more. Remember forever what happened and it won’t happen again!

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