‘Stop stealing our doctors!’ Polish minister in swipe at NHS over recruitment of medics

Warsaw’s health minister Konstanty Radziwill said poaching of medics was a ‘problem’


Care for the UK
By all means stop your medics from coming to the UK AND, at the same time, also stop all your ailing, pregnant and other sick people from using the NHS. In addition stop all your benefit scroungers from coming to the UK.

Poland and the rest of the EU/EUSSR only want Britain to have their socially dependent economic migrants..

Lady Macbeth
They’re here treating the thousands of Poles who’re living and working in Britain…WHAT, is it about THAT, that you fail to understand….doh…

They kicked out ALL the polish dentists from the IOW in 2006 ‘cos they were so cr*p. A polish dentist in my locale in SW england decided to remove my Mum’s last two teeth ‘cos they were getting in the way of a full lower denture – and now she has no anchor – so it just slips around even WITH strong glue. Hope polish doctors are better than this.

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