OUTRAGE as Hammond plans tax raid on PENSIONS to fill £2billion budget blackhole

”CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond is facing demands to ditch a planned tax raid on pensions and cut the international aid budget to plug a £2 billion black hole in his finances.

After a bruising week where the Chancellor had to reverse a planned tax on the self employed from his Budget, he has identified pensions as “top of his list” to raise funds.

But former pensions minister Baroness Altmann has warned that the move could have political consequences by hitting the Tory party’s core vote.

And Ukip has called on him to dip into the protected £12 billion aid budget to help fund care for the elderly instead of spending taxpayers’ cash in corrupt foreign countries.”


This Hammond chap is not helping Britan, he is trying to stop BREIXT and should be sacked by Theresa May. He should be replaced by someone with BREXIT credentials ASAP. He is increasing taxes to levels not seen for over forty years to pay for mass immigration into the country, Schools, NHS, Pensions and Council Budgets are all being attacked by this Hammond bloke to  He is increasing taxes to levels not seen for over forty years to pay for mass immigration into the country, Theresa May needs to close the Borders now to all immigration.

Too Old for This

  • Cut overseas aid by 50%….spend SMARTER not MORE.
  • Create a true “aid” program that focuses on disaster relief not stupidity.
  • Reduce the welfare cap to £21,000 (which is roughly the amount the average salary is worth AFTER tax).
  • “One child policy” for welfare benefits
  • Mandatory proceeds of crime clawbacks.
  • Radical overhaul of MP expenses systems
  • Capping senior council and civil service salaries, perks, pensions.
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