Is Trump Playing A Grand Chess Game?

Link @ The Outer Dark

Christina Gould (edited)
I think you give too much credit to Trump and not enough credit to the Americans who voted him into office. You’d have to be an American to truly understand what’s going on here. There is a very deeply-felt, spiritual, patriotic revolt going on in America. Trump is but one of us patriots. He gets it on a deep level. He sees what the rest of us see, he feels what the rest of us feel. Our hearts are broken over what our country has become and we are trying desperately to take our country back. Trump is simply filling the leadership role. Patriots within the government–within the intelligence communities–have been waiting years to expose the shadow government, and the time is right. The corrupt CIA is at the top of the heap of those helping to bring this country down; that is why Wikileaks is exposing them at this time. The bots that support the Vault7 leak are the same patriots who supported Trump during the election. We–the patriots of this country–with the help of international advocates such as Wikileaks–are working with Trump (and he with us) to regain control of the US.

The End
The Outer Dark wake up! wikileaks is a mass deception, if assange was for real he would of been taken out long ago. The whole thing is a huge conspiracy of Satan.
Be aware that the majority of the YouTube channels defending them are plants.
We must learn to think for ourselves, not lambs to the slaughter..

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