EUROZONE TURMOIL: Spain, Italy and Greece owe massive debt of €1 TRILLION to ECB

Yes, all the penniless countries expected the rest of us to bail them out for ever! The party’s over.

I hope we get out before it all goe’s t*ts, as we would expect a massive bill to contribute to the collapse of the Euro even though we are not in the Euro, but if we are still part of the EU we WOULD still be expected to pay. In reality, it is all falling apart and the remoaners still want us to be part of it.. UNBELIEVABLE

Debt is the modern slavery, the ECB and all the worlds central banks create money from nothing and give it to banks who charge interest on loans and we all end up paying for it. If we were told the truth about how the world is funded with imaginary money we would not be able to comprehend it. I hope the EU experiment that has ruined so many peoples lives at the cost of globalism will soon be over.

That’s why a lot of politicians were pushing to stay, they knew we would pull the plug out of the swamp

This is not even close to their total debt, this is just a bit of awkward stuff they can’t shuffle away or hide.

I hope tim Tim, prat Blair, traitor Soubry, Morgan,  thicko Clegg  a * *h Major and all the stupid removers hear this.

Edward from England.
..and in another article Spaniards are saying WE made a mistake by leaving ! (But it was by the Biased Broadcasting corporation).

Just to add the bonus for leaving the EU…….from the 28 countries within the EU bloc only 11 countries actually pay anything in……….the other 17 only take out..….. does that seem fair? It is a wonder why the United Kingdom wants to leave and the bloc want us to stay… they will have to find 10 of billions of £’s per year. It’s a massive hole…...somebody has got to pay the loss. The EU commitments still need to be paid by the remaining leading countries. So why would the UK hurt them so much because they want your money. They do not like England but they love the coins it throws their way and the world influence.

Merkel wants to extend the bloc even further and allow a minimum of 12 million plus more immigrants into Europe. They wonder why people are turning on them…..The European Union is DOOMED they’re in so deep they have no solution to fixing it. They think by throwing more money eventually some will stick and heal….. wrong. They are adding to the problems and ultimately the destruction of world markets.

Say what you like reMOANers…….. NOTHING from project fear that was said before Brexit happened or come true. All the experts got it wrong or were they lying or just scared to take a chance? Or maybe were just too greedy and corrupted by Brussels.

One thing for sure is….. the United Kingdom will survive in the other 90% of the WORLD markets… the potential Commonwealth market alone is 2.4 billion people, So i’m a betting man and think we’ll do just fine.

EU MythBuster
With a 1 trillion Debt crisis looming £40 billion pounds would mean the difference between the EU folding and surviving.

If we wanted the threat of the UK breaking up gone this is what we should do, stop paying any further EU contributions from the beginning of trade talks until they agree to what our core demands will be, and chances are if they keep refusing there, in the end, won’t be an EU to strike a deal with.

The ECB is a joke. It’s not a bank as we know it, It’s an abstract entity in the minds of the EU commissioners which just keeps printing Euros, Why the real world hasn’t sussed this yet and put the Euro at it’s real value of 20% of tuppence I cannot understand. Ok; this is economics, not the real world.

95% think the markets are preparing for financial meltdown.

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