Can anybody explain police driving on Colin’s St. sidewalk & ‎Dimitrious Dummy

smoke’n mirrors
Published on Mar 20, 2017

Vlaka (edited)
1. why’s he in his jocks when they pull him from the towed in car wreck?
2. Why is the car so smashed up yet NO blood anywhere and conveniently missing its numberplates?
3. Don’t the sheep watching all the hand held shaky cam footage and believe it to be true not wonder how there’s ZERO blood smears ANYWHERE on the footpath and nothing else was destroyed/hit during the ‘drive thru’? No trees, bins, parked motorcycles or bicycles??!
4. How many prams were there? One jammed into the wreck and another used for dramatic effect in a street somewhere…

This entire thing is a retarded joke.

smoke’n mirrors
Yeah mate I’m hearing ya… also he appears to be dragged out of something maybe some sort of bag.…. :/ also why the f would he be trying to push the car..

Michael Weston
i can’t explain why the cars and van come from this direction .
however what needs explaining is –
: the only place this footage could have been taken from is the town hall roof ( see the lamp post shape and yellow tram signage shows line to roof )
: why the Critical incident vans as at this stage it was only a car doing burnouts ( if you forget the girlfriend kidnap story )
everything leads to town hall building , balcony or roof …

I would love to see the CCTV of Christine Nixon being a metre away from being hit by Gargoyle, then helping the mother whose baby was killed in its pram, then directing traffic afterwards.  I’m suprised she could pull herself away from her pub lunch to help out.

celtic shaman 365mhz
S’n M. Keep chippin away lad and for sure you’ll come up with that Phallic symbol they so dearly love to shove down the public’s throats ! Your doin’ good work mate.

milfinator (edited)
Here’s photos of when arnie met dodgy Doyle, can’t find any footage though. You can see Doyle struggles to maintain eye contact when shaking his hand.

Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle prior to the start of the Arnold Family Walk which is part of the 2017 Arnold Classic on March 19 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.

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