Benefit scrounger who pocketed £15k busted after posting shameless holiday snaps online

Stephen Astbury on a skiing holiday

Stephen Astbury diving

Stephen Astbury, a scrap metal dealer and builder on holiday

Julia Jones
When is someone going to investigate some of the community that I live amongst.
Brand new cars, usually 2 per household, flying home to Somalia or Pakistan for holidays, although living here for fear of their lives, shopping vouchers, food vouchers which of course is vital for the women to maintain their 20st weight,……. not one of these work or ever visit a job centre to sign on……fact.

whats wrong with this dumb stupid mug?,all that for a silly 15k,tut tut,i know certain people who have been squeezing the system for 30 years and having exotic holidays,having their rent paid,council tax etc,but they werent stupid enough to broadcast it all over..the fools these days leave a lot to be desired in the common sense department…………dumb cretins.

Phil Jones
The real question Judge, is why these people you refered to have been able to get away with for 30 years? I think it is the tax payers who have been the “mugs”. Anyway I think the mood of the people has now changed & these people including the establishment will no longer get away with it so easily. We can thank recent communication via the internet for this.

GW:  Goodness he sure enjoyed himself while he was so ”anxious about working.”

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