Backfire: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Makes Trump Look Good In Tax Gaffe

Hard Bastard

Published on Mar 15, 2017

Not since Geraldo Rivera revealed the empty vault of Al Capone has a media stunt backfired so badly in the face of its perpetrator. Fake news propagandist Rachel Maddow tweeted before her show she had “Trumps tax returns”, causing the vultures on the left to begin salivating at what illegal and nefarious things it potentially contained. Once revealed, it turns out, it made Trump look great and destroyed several left wing anti-Trump talking points, as well as exposed Obama & Sanders as paying less than Trump in taxes. It was so bad, even the left turned on Maddow, it was by far the worst night of her career.

Grey Son (edited)
Her nervous break down is progressing nicely…-dr evil laugh-

I still have no idea what she was expecting to get out of this. The mental gymnastics required to twist those two pages into something nefarious? “Oh my god… He… he paid his taxes… he paid his taxes…. IMPEACH HIM!!!”

These idiots don’t read anything before it hits their desk.

Trace M
Any SANE true at heart liberal better repeat what the Republican Party did by splintering the extremists AWAY from the majority when the Tea Party became the NEW Republican Party.. And even back then the FAKE NEWS tried to cast a bad light on the Tea Partiers, w the SAME LAME Labels blah blah racist, misogynist, xenophobia, Zionist blah blah BLAAAH!!

It backfired like a MoFo on them, and it STILL is as they have their heads on fire 24/7.  The rest of us are SO over it, just enjoying watching the Legacy Media slowly walk OFF a cliff without a blindfold.. They see the drop coming.. But they just keep heading to the edge.! It’s FASCINATING!

GW:  Same in UK – heartily enjoying all the hand-wringing – STILL going on 8 Months later – over why 17.8 Million voted for BREXIT in spite of Blair, Mandy, Farron, Gina Miller, Sturgeon, OsCam Duo & Project Fear etc etc etc.

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