Master Racists of the New World Order

Light Dancing

Published on Jun 30, 2014
If this info doesn’t amaze you, you’re still asleep & should probably stay that way! A wealthy & highly respected Hebrew blew the whistle on the elite and their global hidden agenda… long ago.

The Balfour Declaration – just ”a receipt” to Zionists for getting the US into the War.

Roberta Folks
People need to research to find TRUTH. This world is ALSO controlled by High-degree Freemasons, Skull & Bones, and Jesuits = who are Luciferians.
And are, along with the Jewish elite, identified as, “The Synagogue of Satan”, by The Most High Creator (in the New Testament).
We are living in a DEEPLY DEPRAVED Luciferian New World Order, and they are so very close to crowning the capstone upon their pyramid = a ONE World Order, born out of chaos.
But DESPITE all this = The LORD God WINS in the end!!

Are we going to be Christian or Communist?  The Germans faced this question and decided to align themselves with the Christian option.  They have never been forgiven.

Many are those who say they are Jews are NOT.  In fact the real Jews are a tiny remnant which God will take in ”The Harvest” along with others who have accepted Jesus as Saviour.

Sheeple Nomore
Light Dancing- I read where the Khazars want the Ukraine (Crimea) because they once migrated there (took over) and that those that don’t want to go to Isreal (ME) and want to settle in E. Europe want Ukraine, so this is what’s behind Ukraine and Russia bad mouthing. What’s your knowledge on this?

Ethna Lee
Don’t even ask,the Rockefellers are using all different types, the last one used was the Zika virus,😈

Ethna Lee – Yes a glorified form of “blood libel” under Kabbalism/luciferian doctrine. The gaslighting goes to Satanism by alternative truther shills such as David Seaman, because he doesn’t want people to see it’s really Jewish Kabbalism that is really at the foundation of Satanism. Kabbalism is the root of freemasonry.

Light Dancing
Some UBER GOOBER (whom I have since blocked from further comment) recently wrote, “THIS IS SERIOUS ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA.” Of course, I just have to laugh each time I read such arrogant ignorant tripe for two main reasons. First of all. Jews aren’t even SEMITES. In fact a renown, highly respected, and widely publicized JEWISH geneticist has already proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the Palestinians, and most arabs, ARE the ones who are true Semites. They have semitic genomes. Zionist Jews, on the other hand, are mostly just bad liars who turn “Truth”upside down and inside out. They pervert the very definitions of our words, and then they cram them down the the gullible throats of ignorant Goyim who are tethered to political correctness by sever fear of self-righteous recrimination.

Then this laughable commenter went on to say that the above story is “VERY SINGULARLY BIASED.” Once again I had to laugh because this video “story” is all about the proclamations of Benjamin H. Freedman, himself a courageous Jew, who risked his life, his livelihood, and his public representation in order to warn Americans about Zionist Jewish conspiracies at a time in American history when virtually NO ONE — Jew or Gentile — was openly saying ANYTHING about this highly controversial subject! So of course I laughed out loud again because this blogger was either a lousy liar, a phony fool, or both.

Anthony Bryant
they are Not Jews, They are Jewish, ”ish” at the end of Jew, means something pertaining to but not the real thing, they have nothing to do with the true Hebrew Israelite people of Israel, these people converted to my peoples culture around the 7th or 8th century, in the King James version Bible, Book of Revelation chapter 2 and chapter 3, clearly states there will be a people, who will say that they are Jews and are Not, but they are ”the synagogue of Satan,”

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