Nicola Sturgeon”s repeated calls for Scottish independence

EUbanker-political super failure state
I live in Scotland (for half my life time now). The SNP are starting to grate on those of us who don’t spend our every waking hour hating England and loving the EU. Prior to the EU referendum the SNP showed no passion in it, since Brexit they have suddenly become Nuns to the High Priest EU. It is rediculous. The SNP are not only a disgrace to Britain but to the Scotland they pretend to love. They have been in charge up here for a decade and yet education standards under the SNP keep sinking. They have built up a massive deficit, spending millions of UK money on silly schemes while doing nothing to help the poorest and those communities losing their local police station, their local library and even having to put up with getting their bins emptied only once every two weeks (and soon to be only once a month). Meanwhile Sturgeon wastes more tax payers money flying back and forth to her beloved Brussels

GW: If Scotland joins EUSSR it will be sucked dry like Greece Nicola you stupid cow.

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