The Truth About The European Union.

Truthful Irish

Published on Apr 14, 2014
Documentary on the issue of lobbying around the European institutions in Brussels

The European Round Table laid out the neoliberal agenda for the Eurocrats. They represented 60 percent of Europe industrial output.  They were responsible for putting pressure on EU to get Austerity Program, Low Wage Labour etc.

The EU has been doing nothing to protect the European Civilization, on the contrary it has been killing it by its migration welcoming politically correct multiculti policy. It’s been killing our Civilization by preventing individual states to protect themselves. The political left have been welcoming more illegals. We know whom to thank for today’s crisis and tomorrow’s catastrophes when those disillusioned illegals who came “for a better life” will be ransacking our cities, burn cars, engage in street crime and terrorism…

They are like drug dealers once you are in their clutches they ensure you are too tied in to get loose. Britain got loose just in time, less than one more decade and we would be at gutter level..

John Farley
There is a disease that has attached itself to all People that think the EU is a good Idea. It’s called Stupidity. An incurable disease that will end life as we all know it. Lets not forget the culling of millions.

Sayit AsItIs
Why do you think that the EU Commission made the decision that all light bulbs had to be changed to ‘more efficient’ light bulbs made of course by Phillips which had threatened to move elsewhere unless they got what they wanted? The corruption is rife and is virtually a way of life within the EU and big business. The losers are of course the citizens. I loath this EU super state where there is no democracy. Remember Leon Brittan’s role in this when he spouts of in the UK about how Britain must stay in the EU. The man is a foul traitor

53 minutes: And this is the same Leon Britton who was accused of abusing children. Google “Elm Guest House”. He is a pure evil.

LightWatch (edited)
The EU is created for business, and presented as if it was for the people. The same is happening again with TPPa, TTIP and TISA.
WAKE UP, we’re dealing with Global Organized Corporate Crime.

now we know (GCC). we are watching every move. fight against globalisation and the new world order is useless.

Colin Hammill (edited)
Watch this and you`ll know why it`s a fascist set up. The European Round Table are just another Bilderberg Group as far as I can see!

Colonization of Yugoslavia 1991 = Colonization of Ukraina 2014
Same directors same plot, only different actors.

Zbignew Brzezinsky says Russia without Ukraina is regional power, Russia with Ukraina is global power.

The British Constitution expressly forbids the surrender of any power to a foreign government, this is not a conspiracy theory, it is not a theory at all, it is a documented fact that can be found very easily.  At the very least, those responsible should be removed from politics with a lifetime ban on the same, justice would be better served if they were indicted for treason.

I love the way they try to make this look like they were just interested in ‘saving’ Europe. This concept has been around much longer than 1985. In America it became three dimensional during President Wilson’s administration about 1916. A book was written by a Col House called Phillip Dru, Administrator. The goal is a one world government run by corporations for corporations. The masses are only there to enhance the corporations. China is a good example of a corporate wet dream. Mass of humans, desperate for jobs, who know their place and don’t make waves. America created the ‘new’ China and its Gang of Eight billionaires. This is the reason for massive illegal immigration to the west from cultures radically different from the illegals. Destabilizing the west one country at a time’

Martin Maguire
I thought leaving the eu would be quite easy once everybody realises we all want to be good trading partners and it’s completely ridiculous to impose tariffs and sanctions as if we were going to war. what’s worrying is the lobbyists are probably the biggest problem concerning the uk’s trade relations after Brexit If they have such a strong influence with the decision making that this video is implying, completely underestimated the problem with lobbying and makes me sick how most eu and uk politicians over the years have never had the balls to face up and say what’s going on and who’s in charge and explain to ordinary people how the eu works and influences your life and has been actively depressing your democratic options for the past 30 or so years, this reason alone is why I voted out

Lee Conti
The E.U. WAS A BAD IDEA. however, there is another bad that hasn’t been addressed and that is the Central bank of England. Like the Federal Reserve Bank of the U.S….it’s controlled by Bankers and Billionaire who print money without backing and the ordinary citizens have to pay for their “Wealth” through INFLATION!

John whyte
Eu is a Ponzi scheme.originally it was a coal and metals cartel then became a free tariff trade bloc then a federation where people can move in and out as they please with single currency ultimate goal. The Ponzi part is pump in huge money to poorer countries to seduce them to believe that they are prospering of their own accord by joining then when cash strapped they strip those countries off assets to create a stronger centre and subjugation from outside.  note it only took 8 years for this to happen and most things happen in 8 to 9 year cycles. 2002 euro introduced 2010 first cracks. USA repealed Glass Steagal allowing investments banks to be classified as commercial banks making them elligable for bail outs in 1999.  the debt crisis starts in 2007.  now the people in poorer countries feel trapped particularly Southern Europeans. They feel fear that if they leave they will lose the little they have left. The truth is if they pull much too hard the game will be up

Jeremiah Warren
Dear Continental Europe: Remember that how for the last several centuries you were ruled over by 3 or 5 families (Hapsburgs, Hanovers, Bourbons, Romanovs) that were literally and figuratively all in bed with each other, eh? Unelected, unaccountable. . . starting to sound familiar? Yey here you are acting like this sh_t falls out of the clear blue sky. . .

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