Rothschild warns markets will collapse, Brexit article 50 imminent & Rupert Murdoch

Silver The Antidote

”Assets are at an all time high.”

Renaissance Permastead and Apiary
just like great collapse…. they float out a line of ‘money’ through low rates…. then they pull the trap and reel the line in… this is theft. all you know is a lie. don’t fear, come up with a ‘local’ currency or trade share. time to run these bastards out. it’s not money they are after, they feed off our misery. all real people you know, want peace, want love ….. that’s where we thrive. they are something else.

B. Bender
The perfect storm??? Article 50.. US Debt ceiling… Fed rate hike… Elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany…?

Albertina Booi
Yes Bender, I think you are right. Tomorrow here elections in The Netherlands, they already know what the agenda will be, people have no idea what they are voting for, no Wilders will not be PM, this is a game behind the scenes, all are good friends and are puppets of the elite. Yes the perfect storm will come, in the US but also in Europe. Brexit, Nexit, Frexit and then BOOM…..people will be running scared, they know nothing about what is going on, mind controlled, the sheeple, chemtrails, GMO food. We will wait for what will come, but it will be a very scary wake up call to the sheeple!.

The Uncannie (edited)
Assets = human bodies
Funds = Our Labor
Portfolio = birth certificates
Rothschilds = Heads of NWO
Banking = Legal Theft
Investments = Legal Theft/
placing bets on loss
Bailout = Rape The People to
support Rothschilds control
of banking.
Fiat Currency = Monopoly
War = Population reduction
Immigration = INVASION
Conspiracy = Facts being
obfuscated brought out
Geoengineering = poisoning
the populace; cause
abnormal weather
NEWS = Propaganda/
brainwashing (Sky)
Inflation = more debt to
countries/people more
profit to Rothschilds.
UN = World War Mongers
NATO = Consolidated Military
Solution = Rid the world of the Rothschilds, Morgans, Soros, Murdock, et. al., and the “banking cabal” of interest based debt. Destroy the NWO, No open borders,

Simon Tippins
let me spell it out for all of us. Yes the banks will collapse. we will be at war. propaganda is setting the stage for a race civil war in the west and our planet is due to come to an all out war. whilst the bankers make a run for it after they steal all wealth through marshal law right before the new plantar system of niburu system takes hold of our planet and causes mass distrustruction across the globe. this is why we are all forced to work. it’s called a job. but when you look at the book of jobe in the bible it gives you insight because jobe is spelt JOB. and if you look at the 10 swiss bank note it shows the nibiru system. and we all know how they like their swiss bank accounts. it’s not the religious, the black or the white. it’s the elite illuminate and their knowledge of our planet. we all need to go back to our roots and believe in a higher power to overcome this carnage by mentally prepping for what’s coming down the road!

I thought it was to happen on the 15th but too much was happening on that day already so they changed the date to ease a little more Kaos

Peter Murphy (edited)
Rothschild’s no longer have their wealth exposed to banking. They’ve been there and done that. If you want to preserve sickening amounts of wealth, you invest in fine art. There is where the Rothschild’s hold huge portions of their i’ll gotten gains.

cuevas bazavista
Yeah quite a few mistakes, Murdoch is most definitely pro brexit and pro Trump and is puppet master when it comes to Liam Fox also pro brexit as is Assange, Farage, Gove, Theresa May , Bannon, Lord Rothermere ( of the Daily mail ) and of course Trump, possibly Putin . All totally sponsored by the Rothchilds, so you are barking up the wrong tree there. Theresa May has already changed the law on personal surveillance to help Murdoch and no petition will stop her allowing Murdoch a monopoly on the media. The EU may have stopped it, as well as access to all their off shore accounts but of course brexit will also stop that. I am afraid to say no matter how you twist things, it is the UK heading for dictatorship and slavery, already the Rothchild’s corporations are moving in.

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