MPs face ban on second jobs amid backlash after Osborne’s Evening Standard appointment

New rules on MPs’ second jobs could now be enforced

Osborne may have broken rules over new role as 135,000 sign petition urging ‘CHOOSE A JOB’

Just how much work has he done as an MP for Tatton? We’ve discovered the lucrative loopholes of money for no work in the House of Lords now it seems the MPs can do as little as possible with a fat pay check, expenses claims and a huge annual payrise! While many workers haven’t had a real rise in 15 years!!!

We know why he got the press job – so he can filter out the anti-EU sentiment & project a strong pro-EU image censoring at the highest level he’s an Elite plant!

Look at all the lies he told – no EU Army, no central taxation, no EU Federal Superstate under Brussels control? !  I think the Standard’s circulation will tank now!

The question has to be asked as to why the owner appointed Osborne into a job he has no experience in at any level. He has no background in commerce at all. There has to be some hidden agenda here as there is involving anything Osborne is involved in

Being a Member of Parliament a job you do in your spare time around your main jobs but still get to collect a full £75,000 yr plus expenses, who would notice we are a silly people.

B S Buster
They have forgotten to mention Osborne 6 jobs is also writing a book in between, truly this man has no equal.

Why not put ALL MPs on a O hour contract? Only pay them when we need them ie when there is voting to take place . .No show . NO pay ?

The Uk has only got the fact that the corrupt people have reduced Humanity to a laughing stock to prevent the Uk from being the biggest laughing stock.

38 Degrees Petition

To: George Osborne MP

Campaign created by:  Diana Simpkins

141,325 Signatures

GW:  Well Done Diana!

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One Response to MPs face ban on second jobs amid backlash after Osborne’s Evening Standard appointment

  1. Lorraine Smith says:

    Applied I F Limited alleged the Electoral Commission produced a fraudulent count model at the UK General Election 2015 to add ghost votes on an industrial scale thus making all MP’s results unlawful, fact not fiction. Check out

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