John Major’s Assault On Brexiteers Part ii

‘They’re not British!’ John Major attacks ‘Ultra-Brexiteers’ and urges May to DISOWN them

I don’t know what he uses but it does damage the brain.

Then he has been using it for a long time, because it generated chartermarks and the cones hotline and his real crowning glory- destroying our university system by abolishing the ‘binary divide‘ (between universities and polytechnics.) (He did that out of sheer malice because he had been ridiculed for his own supremely modest academic achievements).

Thank God We are out. The sickening mess in Europe can only get worse. Only the brain-dead would argue the fact.

Or those with a profound hatred of the patriotic spirit.

I was born in the 50s and have yet to see one pm in my life who actually cares about the wellbeing of the country and british electorate, without exception.
We are a debt enslaved nation, we are fed food supplied by chemical companies, we have been continually duped into fighting illegal wars so John Major is just same old, same old.

If John Major wants a serious discussion why didn’t he point out how the EU’s trade would be affected by blocking the UK’s access to the single market. What per cent of exports from the EU would become more expensive, and how many billions of pounds would tariffs to their costs, and how much would our treasury gain from putting tariffs on EU goods to the UK? Major always sees things negatively from the UK’s side but repeatedly fails to state whether the negative effects would be greater for the EU member states..

”Back to basics” and ”family values” for all remember Major? Then came along Edwina….so the man like most of the old tories is full of toshhhhhhh

John major was a big failure as Prime Minister and should have never had the job, He is a disgrace to the country.
It would be interesting to see what he gets off the EU gravy train.

I would too and Osbourne

Follow their MONEY
Any pay they receive goes offshore like all good true anti-British pro-EU supporters do, Ozzy’s cash is in one of his fathers banks over on one of the Virgin Isles where they own a ‘company’ luxury apartment.

What an outrageous thing to say.  I can hardly believe what I am reading.  All I can say is John Major complete POS and NWO stooge.

How many more of these TRAITOROUS has beens are they going to wheel out l wonder ??
Blair…Heseltine…Major and so many others spewing out slimy rubbish trying to give away our Wonderful country for their own vile agenda.
NO Patriotism
NO Moral Compass
NO Pride
NO Guts
NO Honour
Back Off the lot of you snakes and let the Prime Minister get us 100% totally OUT and as soon as humanly possible !!

This is yet another example of the institutionalised racism against anything remotely representing British values endemic amongst our politicians, the majority of MP’s are of mixed race of European mainland, Asian or African roots and have no loyalty whatsoever to our heritage and culture. Disgusting.

Bill Bates
Welby is one of the weeds of Britain who won’t be happy until every church in England is empty of Christians and turned into a mosque. The man epitomizes the word TRAITOR

Follow their MONEY
Welby belongs to g soros and soros’s oily mates.

I am not unBritish, what is unBritish about being patriotic and wanting my country back from an undemocratic union that is unelected, the Lisbon treaty was signed by Gordon Brown without a referendum very slyly.

The man’s a fool, it says we are British on all our birth certificates, he should be charged with inciting racial hatred.

‘They’re not British!’ John Major attacks ‘Ultra-Brexiteers’ and urges May to DISOWN them

Wait. As a proud Brexiteer I thought I was supposed to be the racist and bigot?

and yet here we have a remainer telling Mrs May to disown the foreigners?

Clearly this “Person” is a xenophobe and should be scolded for such nasty behaviour

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