John Major’s Assault On Brexiteers Part i

‘They’re not British!’ John Major attacks ‘Ultra-Brexiteers’ and urges May to DISOWN them

This is the nasty waste of space who suggested that his own Brexiteers should be locked up in a gulag. Not much British or democratic about that.

No one has promised anything yet, and no one has said the negotiations will be easy, and all those that want out ARE BRITISH and have said far less than the whingeing remoaners by a long way. You’ve had your say Major and I forgive you for being wrong. as that is your right.

Who does this useless nonentity think he is? Mr Minor, sorry that should read Major, you had the same amount of votes as I did, you lost, get over it! We won and that you must realise. You’re not a lone voice in the wilderness but just another wretched desperate loser hoping for a job in the EU, no doubt.

This guy along with Clegg, Farron and Blair make me sick. The point people voted for Brexit is because they believe in Britain and would like to rule themselves. This guy should buy a mirror and look at himself every morning and ask himself whether he is British. Pretty sure the mirror on the wall will tell him he is not.

Not British? Considering that Britain’s EU membership is constitutionally Unlawful and the Nazi origins of the EU project as a whole, together with its dream of a united Europe and more Lebensraum in the East, will the real Nazi stand up please John?

But Major said Britain would not be able to thrive under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules as 90 per cent of UK exports to the EU would become more expensive, with tariffs that would add about £6 billion to their costs.

But they would be tariff-free outside of the EU which means that companies have two years with which to readjust their sales strategy.

Two year notice of an event is more than any company could wish for when it comes to planning their future. If they cannot survive the change then perhaps they do not deserve to be in business.

Unfortunately this bumbling adulterous idiot (yes we have not forgotten Edwina Currie) still has not grasped two simple facts.

1. Business is there to serve the people not the other way around

2. Leaving the EU was not about Business it was about something far more important something that this nincompoop does not have. Integrity and Honour both of which the majority of the electorate would not sell unlike you Mr Major

It is quite obvious that a lot of the Westminster cronies have a lot to lose in their back pockets but Major you’re the one talking down the country with your liberal P Correct EU propaganda.

2 words Mr Spitting image puppet Major

Black Wednesday.

This incompetent buffoon is useless, the best thing we could do is the complete opposite of what this fool says to do.

I keep posting this as it is perfectly true, but seems none of these remain MP’s or Lords, Major included have mentioned this fact – that for over 40 years the UK electorate were all LIED to by our various governments including the one he presided over.

Perhaps had our various Governments not lied to us from day one, the outcome of the vote would have been different. WE (UK public) for over 40 years were ALL lied to by successive Governments.

When, in 1961, Britain first applied to join “the Six”, Harold M. and Edward H. had been fully briefed by Caude Monnet’s allies as to the project’s ultimate goal of full economic and political union. Papers released under the 30-year rule show that, at the end of June 1961, the Cabinet accepted their urging that, for “presentational” reasons, this goal should not be revealed to the public or Parliament. They should be misled into believing that British entry was into a “Common Market”, concerned just with trade and jobs.

In 1970, when Heath was Prime Minister, the public was repeatedly told that British entry would involve “no essential loss of sovereignty”; however a secret Foreign Office paper, released 30 years later, shows that the government decided to conceal that this was untrue.

Claude Monnet was classed as the father of the idea/plan that became ultimately the EU or Federalised Europe.

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