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Published on Mar 9, 2017
What a GREAT time we had talking with Stephen Shellen. He has some mind blowing information to share. There’s no way we could cover everything in depth in an hour so Stephen has agreed to come on again with us. We really appreciate him taking time to talk with us.

He was an up and coming Hollywood star in the 90’s. He has over 50 credits to his name, including the TV Series, “La Femme Nikita”, “Due South” and “Law and Order”, and movies such as: “The Bodyguard”, “The Stepfather”, “Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde” and so many others. He played alongside Brad Pitt and Robert Redford in “A River Runs Through it”. And he starred with Lea Thompson in “Casual Sex”… Stephen Shellen.

Mary Garcia
Stephen is raw and honest. People are ready for his story.

Mr Shellen mentions a person called Frank Giustra whom he says is ”hiding” because of Pizzagate.  We then find mention of a ”Giustra” mining magnate connected to Clinton Foundation who happens to have a Swiss Bank Account mentioned in Guardian in 2015.

10 February 2015

Clinton foundation received up to $81m from clients of controversial HSBC bank

”The charitable foundation run by Hillary Clinton and her family has received as much as $81m from wealthy international donors who were clients of HSBC’s controversial Swiss bank.

Leaked files from HSBC’s Swiss banking division reveal the identities of seven donors to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation with accounts in Geneva.

Richard Caring – the backstory of the guy caught up in the HSBC cash scandal http://www.managementtoday.co.uk/richard-caring-backstory-guy-caught-hsbc-cash-scandal/article/908157

They include Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining magnate and one of the foundation’s biggest financial backers, and Richard Caring, the British retail magnate who, the bank’s internal records show, used his tax-free Geneva account to transfer $1m into the New York-based foundation.”

Canadian businessman Frank Giustra (right) got a sweetheart uranium mining deal from Nazarbayev in 2008 with Clinton’s help, a year after launching a ‘sustainable development initiative’ with the Clinton Foundation; Giustra pledged $100 million and half his earnings from mining to the foundation  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3052220/Clinton-Foundation-accepted-millions-undeclared-donations-nuclear-company-tied-Russia-Hillary-signed-selling-one-fifth-s-uranium.html



One might like to search ”Encyclopaedia Dramatica” for further details.

Pizzagate – Refugee Charity “El Pida” Uses Pedofile Logo, And Is Owned By Clinton Foundation Director
Posted on November 30, 2016 by Anonymous Conservative
From the Holy-Shit-That-Can’t-Be-Real file: (A Forum)

Giustra Clinton and Child in the central plateau of Haiti, on June 29, 2014.   http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3436971/posts

Comment @ VOAT:

Scrolling to the bottom of his Facebook page he likes Pizzagate which is a pizzeria in Seoul, South Korea seemingly unrelated to this movement. However, the number 14 on his cover image reminds me of the number 14 on John Podesta’s hand which everyone seems to have ignored. The myth of Osiris and Isis is a plausible explanation, and the line “phallus out of gold” reminds of Marina Abramovic’s gold art. However, this is pure speculation and further research is needed.

I think I remember seeing the number 14 somewhere else too, but I have been all over the internet the last hours so I can’t remember where I saw it.

(P.S. I have never before been on Reddit, 4chan or any website of that kind, and this is my first post so it might be inappropriate and perhaps better off as a new “thread”. I wouldn’t mind some guidance by the more experienced Redditers/Voaters.)

Edit: I remember where I saw the number 14 now. It was in a Podesta e-mail mentioning “feb 14 valentines day dinner”.


Elpida Home For Refugees -http://radcliffefoundation.org/project/elpida-home/

ELPIDA HOME PEDO LOGO discovered – Owned by Radcliffe Foundation,

Owned by Billionaire Frank Giustra who Donated BIG money to Clinton Foundation! (i.sli.mg)

GW:  Bingo!  And ”Anonymous Conservative” just happens to be a microbiologist – well how would you be?  AC Studying the flacid underbelly of Illuminatus Cretinous.  What ARE you talking about this time GW?http://www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/pizzagate-refugee-charity-el-pida-uses-pedofile-logo-owned-by-clinton-foundation-director/


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