Stephen Hawking – From Translator to Translation Device

The RockNo

Published on Mar 9, 2017
Why don’t they use the same technology for other people with the same disease? We should be able to get a phone app for that.

This guy has outlasted the next longest Lou gherigs record by over 20 years. Impossible, either this guy is full of s**t and has been replaced or he’s getting special medicine unavailable to the public to prolong his life, or both! I bet he’s not in control of that computer voice, he’s most likely and quite literally a puppet.

Lee Dee
Replaced! Maybe more than once if you look closely at his teeth and hands.

Justin H (edited)
Black hole lol
Show me one without CGI?
None exist.
“Rocket power” 😂

Easy to see why he’s being used.

Lee Dee
Not even the real Stephen Hawking… Nobody with ALS has ever lived that long and he looks younger and more capable now than then. WTF? Story is he died in the 80’s and was replaced…

Eman Puedama
In some interviews I’ve seen, he seems to answer questions in real-time. Given the way he’s supposed to select his words – by stopping a constantly scrolling cursor on the right letter or simple word, talking in real-time would be impossible.

Professor Stephen Hawking Wants A One World Government | TECHNOLOGY WILL KILL US ALL

Watch Stephen Hawking Nail It on Religion – Hawking advocates the Creative Majesty of Scientific Law rather than a Personal God for Humans.  Atheist then and yet another useful ”tool” from the Globalist Toolbox.

Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced – Miles Mathis

17 April 2015

”Hundreds of billions of dollars are siphoned from the people of Europe, China, Russia, and the Americas via these fake programs. And Hawking was an important PR personality in the early 1980’s, one they didn’t want to lose. He was a top salesman of their various boondoggles, and he became an even better salesman once he was replaced by an impostor. Once he was replaced, his puppeteers had complete control over the product they were creating, with no fear that the real Hawking might develop scruples.

Remember, this is exactly what they did in art in the 20th century. They got rid of all the real artists and replaced them with impostors. The scheme was slightly different, in that they didn’t replace Rodin and Monet and Whistler with look-alikes in 1900. Instead, they just replaced the entire field with their own manufactured mannequins over a generation or two. But the Modern artists have been impostors one way or the other. They certainly aren’t artists by the old definitions, since they can’t create anything beautiful or interesting. They are just PR personalities, the faces that front the fakery.”

Thanks to InfinitePlaneSociety for this information.

GW:  Hawking and his later ”probable replacements” are NWO Shills then, whichever way you look at it.  Thanks to ”The RockNo” for initially asking some questions about how Hawking has managed to last so long with such a debilitating disease and also asking why others with that disease do not have the access to this voice synthesiser tech that he does.

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