Stephen Hawking Dead Or Alive Part ii

Miles Mathis – Author

Stephen Hawking Died & Has Been Replaced


”It has to stop. It has gotten so bad, the rich are actually undercutting themselves. For money to be worth anything there has to be something worth buying. The rich can no longer collect art, since they have destroyed it. They can no longer have the joy of underwriting real science, since they have destroyed it. They can’t collect books or poetry, since they have destroyed both literature and poetry. They can’t enjoy the company of innocent youths, since they have destroyed the innocence of youth. They can’t enjoy love, because they have destroyed it for profit. They can’t enjoy beautiful architecture, because they have destroyed it. And they can’t enjoy the feeling of a day well spent, because their days aren’t well spent. That is the thing about dirty money and a dirty conscience: no matter how much you spend, you can’t hire someone to clean it.

[I am rushing this into print with only a few days research, since I predict they will announce his death very very soon.]

Addendum, April 22, 2015: Two days after this paper went up, there was an internet death hoax for Hawking. Someone got over a million hits at Facebook with this hoax. I read that two ways: 1) the widely publicized hoax acts to cover this paper a bit, because some will dismiss my title without reading the paper, thinking it is linked to the hoax. For this reason, I assume the death hoax was started by the same people that are behind the longterm Hawking hoax. 2) We have seen that these internet death hoaxes often now precede a real death announcement. See the strange goings-on before the announcement of Robin Williams’ death (which I assume was faked like the rest). This confusion is

created on purpose, because it prevents most people from making any sense of the news. Confusing news prevents questions—perhaps surprisingly—because it causes most people’s brains to shut down. You would think confusing news would create questions, and in a few people it still does. But in the majority of people, very confusing news acts as its own shield. If enough confusion is created, the reader or viewer will just see a tangled web he has no hope of unwinding, causing him to accept whatever he is told and “move on.” For this reason, I will double down on my prediction that the real death announcement of Hawking is coming soon. However, we know they are reading my papers, so they may stall just for the purpose of nixing my prediction. At any rate, my intuition tells me the blonde impostor died recently and they are already stalling. Maybe they are looking for another replacement, who knows. I think it will be hard to find someone who looked like the blonde impostor did at the end.

Addendum, April 25 2015: We already have new evidence for my claim that the Hawking impostor is also dead, in that his current appearances are via hologram. Last night he appeared in Sydney via hologram, but these 3D images cannot be confirmed to be live. Like any other images, holograms can be taped and played back later. I will be told he responds to live questions, but that can be explained in any number of ways, included planted questions. But even if we assume or prove the questions are live and not planted, the responses of Hawking all have to be interpreted, which allows for any amount of trickery. From visual and aural clues alone, there is no way to tell what Hawking is responding to, which you will have to admit is convenient.”


Published on Mar 9, 2017

Sherri Mitchell (edited)
You have to wonder why the mainstream wants us to believe this man knows so much more about our world. I was a bit suspicious when they made a movie about his life while he’s “still alive.” There’s a reason the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” refers to him all of the time, yet wins Best Comedy awards year over year. It’s all a big joke… on us. The jig is up. We can think for ourselves and observe the world on our own. We’re awake and like you said, we don’t need a “celebrity” (aka false idol) to validate what we already know. Thanks for sharing this!

Karin Juronen
science is new religion too…

Infinite Plane Society
SCIENTISM is the religion. science is still science.
science is a METHOD for measuring and predicting reality.

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