People smugglers jailed after sneaking 20 illegal immigrants into the UK

”Officials discovered the odour was emanating from 19 Albanian men and one Syrian who had been hidden inside a sealed HGV vehicle which had disembarked from a Dutch ferry.

Marek Niedziechi, 33, from Poland was jailed for five years and Ferdinand Gjolla who has UK citizenship was given eight years

”The vehicle was supposed to be importing electrical equipment but when it was opened for inspection at North Shields Tyne port one officer “noticed feet” poking out from beneath the cargo.”

”The driver, Marek Niedziechi, 33, from Poland, who worked for a Warsaw based delivery firm, denied knowing there were migrants being smuggled in the back of his lorry, telling detectives: “It was not on purpose.” ”

Albanians run the vice industry in Central London. One of them tried to abduct my wife.

Devils Advocate
The Albanians are no longer British and never should have been. They came here simply to commit crime as so many do. Accordingly, semblance of citizenship should be revoked and they should be deported, never to be able to return. The Pole should similarly be deported with no chance ever of coming here again.

Trevor Ammanford
So, the Pole should be sent to Poland to serve his sentence and the two Albanians with British citizenship should have this rescinded and be deported so as not to be a burden to the British tax payer. This is how the sensible Australians would deal with this. Are you listening Theresa May? Of course not, can’t have government doing sensible things and save public money can we.

Major Cox-Tiff
20 migrants paying say 10,000 each, that’s 200,000 a lorryload. now call me cynical but I would guess this was a regular thing and not a one off and as such they will have had at least 5 lorries get through if not more. That’s a million tax free and could have been in as little as a month or even less.
As such these sentences are a complete joke and they wont be deterring anybody. This is only one of hundreds of lorries every week coming in full of migrants and the rest just get off at the services, get picked up by car and disappear. We need an absolute zero tolerance policy on this and they should all be returned when caught, we need them jailed not bailed, they should never get to walk freely on the streets of Britain and people should know that if they come here illegally they will never ever be allowed in under any circumstances. As for the smugglers, they should be jailed, have all their assets confiscated and them and their dependants deported upon their release.

More foreign sh!te doing the jobs the British people won’t do…blah-blah-blah!

Is it any wonder so many Brits want this foreign, stinking rubbish to p!ss-off back to their motherland accompanied by their compatriots.

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