Osborne, an ‘editor of substance’. What substance, crystal meth? – Marina Hyde

”As for Lebedev, no appointment by him could really be regarded as eyebrow-raising – particularly when you’re as Botoxed as the nine circles of his friendship inferno are. A starfucker of thermonuclear pretensions, Lebedev is marginally more likely to dip-dye his horse’s mane for a W magazine feature than he is to appoint it features editor. But only marginally.

I suppose he shares Osborne’s sense that we are all in things together, and consequently can be found jetting round the world conducting vanity interviews for his papers at the same time as announcing ever more vicious cuts in his various newsrooms. Back home, he serves as a sort of salon host for people whose faces have been so eaten by the mask of fame that they no longer retain any proper friends. Only the insecure or power-addled could fail to detect in Lebedev a ghastly character who has – infuriatingly, for him – yet to break on to even the B-list of recognisable ghastlies as far as the general public is concerned.”


GW:  Ouch!  Thanks to @thestephmerritt for the link.  Stephanie Quote: ”God this is brilliant. Thank Christ there are still writers like @MarinaHyde left in journalism:”

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