‘Less experience than a messenger boy!’ Osborne under fire as new Evening Standard editor

”Former Evening Standard editor Simon Jenkins and Mail on Sunday columnist Rachel Johnson both told BBC’s Newsnight programme they would be outraged if they were overlooked for the editor position in favour of a former politician with no journalism experience.

Former editor Simon Jenkins and columnist Rachel Johnson admitted concerns over Osborne’s new role

Mr Jenkins said he would be “very annoyed”, while Ms Johnson added: “If I’d known a few weeks ago that somebody with less experience than the messenger boy on the Brighton Evening Argus was going to take the helm of one of the largest circulation newspapers in the country, I’d have been in there like a rat up a drainpipe!””

Newsnight viewers took to social media to express their dismay at Mr Osborne’s latest job.

One wrote: “Wasn’t George Osborne booed at London Olympics? Yet the Evening Standard think he’s the guy to edit their paper?”

@Matti_Colley tweeted: “I think that Mr Osborne really should question whether he wants to carry on as an MP. Is his heart still in politics?”


If the Conservative Party were in any doubt as to where there leak was, now they know! Osbourne has been enthroned here to attack May and Brexit at every step of the journey, working with ”Team Bliar,” the new leaders of the Labour Party to finally destroy the United Kingdom and hand it on a platter to the EU!

All ‘Sinecure Positions’ ……
A ‘Rubber stamp’ is all he needs. …..
Not capable of ACTUALLY doing a legitimate DAY’S WORK !

While I understand the concern of professional journalists, they clearly haven’t appreciated the degree to which the media are no more than political activists. With Osborne’s appointment, it’s been formally acknowledged. You don’t have to be a journalist to be an activist.

More than that, he’s going to be a political activist for London specifically.

At least they’ve stopped pretending and so can everyone else.

Osborne’s natural expression is a supercilious sneer.

Wow! First he proves he can obfuscate, lie and intimidate as a treacherous government minister and then he shows an abject disregard for a democratic referendum result; all achieved while proving his only interest in life has nothing to do with serving the public but his own personal advancement.

I would say he was over qualified to be in the media! In fact I’m surprised he isn’t taking a senior position at the BBC: Right?

No, he has his eyes on a senior EU role after he has assisted Bliar in destroying the UK with his permanent attacks on May and Brexit that will be written for him by his new Bessie mate Campbell!

He should be immediately deselected and a by-election called. May cannot tolerate a traitor, working for Bliar, remaining in her Government!

68,512 Folk have already signed a 38 Degree Petition


Link Here

Reason For Signing:

”Total income MP for Tatton: £74,962 pa; London Evening Standard: £200,000 pa; BlackRock £650,000 pa; Cain Institute: £120,212 pa; Washington Speaker’s Bureau: £800,000 since July; That is around 2 million pounds a year. Is anyone worth that amount? Doese anyone need even a 20th of that amount to live well?. Even that is 4 times the median family income. Perhaps he should consider giving most of it to the many people in this country he made even poorer while he was Chancellor?”

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