Government Security Breach: China Stole The F35

Anything You Do The Chengdu Better.

”The United States Government has been hard at work developing the F-35 meanwhile China is designing their new fighters. The Chinese Government revealed the Chengdu J-20 as well as the Shenyang J-31, to tell the truth, they look familiar. The reason that the new stealth fighters look so familiar is because China created them from stolen F-35 plans. How could this happen? The US Government is secretive with their plans to the point where they will not sell F-22s to other nations.

“In January 2015 NSA slides from whistleblower Ed Snowden were released by German newspaper Der Spiegel. The slides show that Chinese hackers had stolen plans for the B-2, F-22 and F-35. All stealth aircraft. In total 50 terabytes of U.S. Government data were stolen, including the F-35’s stealth radar and engine systems. And when a new Chinese prototype, the J-31 was rolled out it brought, even more, similarities with U.S. stealth aircraft designs than the J-20.””

How Did China Steal US Stealth Technology? | Generation Tech

Generation Tech

Published on Dec 20, 2015
In January 2011, as the US defense secretary Robert Gates was in Beijing to meet with the Chinese leadership on a visit to improve defense ties, this was rolled out onto the tarmac at an airfield in the Chinese city of Chengdu and proceed to conduct a 15-minute test flight.

Australia paid $1.5 Trillion – The Chinese nick it & probably sell it for a fraction of the price.  Time to re-negotiate contracts?

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