A Word On Healthy Eating From A DE Reader

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My friend has Crohns disease, a horrible bowel condition causing extreme pain and discomfort. He has made many changes from being a self-confessed junk food eater. I have helped research what can be done to help because his current treatment has failed. The trick to combatting it is to increase your healthy food intake. Processed foods like fast food, biscuits and dairy all increase acidity in the bloodstream. Over many years it will have a very bad effect on health. Acidity blocks the normal functioning of cells in the body. A good example is trans-fats found in the common biscuit like digestives. Over many years people eat them but the human body is unable to fully digest them. The body will instead store them as fat meaning over time your weight will increase. Healthy foods in comparison can be fully digested with far less calories.

The acidity can lead to illness because your body was never designed to function with those conditions. Healthy foods have the opposite effect by the alkalising of your bloodstream. When you look at IBS so many people who suffer with it eat acidic food. The same with bowel cancer. If you eat junk food or processed food it creates inflammation in the bloodstream. That inflammation over time can lead to some of the serious illnesses we seem to be experiencing far more frequently. Look at the frequency of cancer from 100 years ago compared to now. It’s not even half the amount. Its less. They did not have fast food 100 years ago!

By the same token even if you exercise and keep your weight in check, processed food intake will still leave an element of risk. That’s why some people who are seemingly healthy all of a sudden succumb to serious illness. It’s the alkalinity of food that’s the key and reducing the acid in your body. Similarly, alcohol in moderation is fine but so many now just drink every night as a wind down after work. Alcohol also increases acidity.

Artificial sweeteners found in for example many yoghurt are almost non-digestable in the body. Again the body cannot process them so they are stored as fat. Fat increases acidity and so on…. The food labelling industry should be completely overhauled. These adverts saying something is low-fat yet contain artificial sweeteners that cause weight gain in the body should be banned. Another example is the diet soft drink industry also containing the same sweeteners. Why are they not banned? Money given to the right people enabling the whole debate to be sidelined helps greatly.

Don’t forget ill-health is big business, the painkiller industry alone in the UK is worth £billions. So Alkalise not acidise!

Sorry if this sounds all preachy but if you saw what Crohns disease can do to someone you would do all you can to help too.

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