George Osborne announced as new editor as London Evening Standard

JOB 1: Editing a London newspaper

More Masonic hand signals.

Paul K
Yet another job for Giddy 10 jobs.
How many directorships does he also have ?
Superman he ain’t so how will he find the time to fully serve his constituents as an MP ?

Being a back bench MP is clearly not a full time job, so why are they paid so much and allowed to claim uncapped expenses?

JOB 2. The BlackRock Job

JOB 3. MP for somewhere in Cheshire – Tatton is it?

But how can he serve he’s constituency,which is 140 miles away from this position?
We need to stop handing out our money to these people who do absolutely nothing to earn it.

The tory austerity henchman is “an editor of such substance” LOL!!!!!!

I would not trust thon weasel to edit my shopping list

GW: Anything else? And he doesn’t even NEED the money!

JOB 4: Addressing wealth managers for £400 a minute

JOB 5: Working at a university in Arizona

JOB 6: Preserving his political legacy – Chair of Northern Powerhouse.

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